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Working With the Right Glass

SteCo Centar Construction of wooden and prefabricated houses, summer houses

Do you remember the television advertisement for motor oil, with the mafia don telling his side-kick ‘Oils ain’t oils’? It was a classic!

That message translates to glass as well as Tamworth building designer and partner of domestic and commercial building firm Dunst Bros, Cameron York, reminds clients regularly.

Do you use float glass, insulated glass or double glazing, toughened glass, laminated glass, coated glass, security glass —maybe even patterned or mirrored?

Different glazing options fulfil different needs and can mean savings in capital outlay, running costs and associated carbon emissions of buildings.

Dunst Bros has delivered quality family homes and prestige properties in the northern New South Wales Tamworth region since 1960.

Cameron has been involved in many custom designs, working with clients to create individualised high-end residences that are contemporary and edgy – and invariably use glass. Lots of glass.

While larger glazed areas are terrific for natural light and maximising the feel of bringing the outside in, Cameron says variable temperatures pose the biggest challenge for building design in and around Tamworth.

In designing to cope with an environment with sub-zero winters and furnace-like 40°C summer days, Cameron thinks of more than orientation. He considers:

  • the performance of the building fabric —walls, floors and roofs
  • shading
  • sealing
  • natural air flow along with heating and air-conditioning
  • energy use
  • orientation.

Cameron says working with product experts like Versalite has enabled delivery of residences that don’t just look good; they are efficient.

“Nothing is impossible for Versalite. It’s a matter of knowing the product and understanding glass isn’t just glass,” he says.

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