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What do Builders Look for in Door and Window Suppliers?

Apart from cost, there are four critical criteria that builders use to choose door and window suppliers. As Australia’s leading door and window supplier, Versalite Windows ticks all the right boxes. Here’s a quick look at the criteria:


Builders prefer suppliers whose service extend beyond the delivery date. At Versalite Windows, we not only make timely deliveries but also stay in touch with clients. Unlike other suppliers, we structure our deliveries to match clients’ work schedules. Our delivery timelines are also flexible.

Two expert Versalite members carefully holding the glass door

Reliability of Products

We pride ourselves on being affiliated with the Australian Glass and Window Association. This is a guarantee which attests to the quality of our products and the reliability of our services. In 2020-2021, our company met the requirements of four essential compliance audits, thus maintaining a long-established tradition of attention to detail, quality, smart technology, and competitive pricing.

We manufacture our aluminium doors and windows to surpass Australian quality standards. Besides, our products undergo rigorous third-party testing for:

  • Operating force,
  • Wind pressure,
  • Water penetration resistance, and
  • Air leakage.

Due to the rigorous tests they undergo, all our products comply with requisite standards, including National Construction Codes AS2047, AS1170, and AS1288. Versalite Windows’ products meet Australia’s Window Energy Rating Scheme’s requirements, and also have custom energy ratings.

Product Know-How

Builders prefer buying doors and windows from suppliers who know their products. We’re an Australian owned and operated company with 43 years of industry experience. During this time, we’ve scooped prestigious awards, including three Australian Design Awards from the Design Council of Australia, for providing value for money. Our Research and Development Program of continuous improvement ensures we deliver products that perform better than ever, year after year.

Versalite Windows staff in a saw station

Timely Deliveries

The current industry standard for deliveries is six weeks from order. At Versalite Windows, we’ve shortened the delivery period of our custom-made doors and windows to a mere ten days. Despite the short manufacturing turnaround, we don’t compromise on quality, and neither do we charge extra fees. Instead, we leverage technology and our expertise to work smarter.

We’ve invested in the latest technology to streamline our manufacturing process and deliveries.

For instance, we use the Empower Cloud technology on the factory floor to monitor each stage of the manufacturing process, down to the last screw, rivet, and sealant. Therefore, we’re the go-to suppliers for builders who consider innovation in style and design as a key criterion.

For a detailed look at our product portfolio and recent projects, do not hesitate to check out the 2021 Versalite Windows Architectural Catalogue.

For any door and window supplier enquiries, please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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