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What Are the Benefits of Aluminium Windows vs Timber Windows?

Whether you are planning to install windows in your new home or a replacement in your current home, you’ll face a standoff between choosing aluminium or timber windows. While handcrafted timber frames offer a more natural and quick choice, you will want to rethink once you evaluate the priceless benefits that aluminium windows provide. From cost-effectiveness, energy-efficient, low cost of maintaining, and a wide range of design and colour choices, aluminium windows supersede their counterpart almost in all areas. And that is precisely what we are analysing in this article.

Timber vs Aluminium Windows

What should I know?
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Advantages of Aluminium Windows

  • Affordability

One undeniable advantage of installing aluminium windows is due to their low cost. And what we are actually saying is that they are cheap without compromising the quality. Wooden windows cost far more than aluminium, even without taking into account how costly it is to maintain those timber frames.

  • Low Maintenance

For a typical wooden window, you will require to retreat them frequently over its lifetime. Failure will cause rotting or even encourage termite infestation, causing unadorned damage to the wood. In contrast, aluminium windows require very minimal maintenance. So timber rot and termite damage are never be an issue you have to contend with.

  • Energy Efficient

Where aluminium frames are used to support large glasses, they offer effective insulation considering that glass is another good insulator. At Versalite Windows, we go the extra mile; we manufacture aluminium frames that significantly lower the energy from flowing from one conductive material to another. You can, therefore, lower your energy bills down by reducing your heating costs by fitting out your home with elegant aluminium windows.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Lowering the need to heat your home is just one-way aluminium windows care for the environment. Nowadays, aluminium is also 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable material, thus helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Wide range of Designs and Colours

You still want the more traditional timber style for your windows? Do you favour the practical profits of aluminium, but you want that appearance of the natural timber? You’ll be delighted to hear that you can actually get wood-designed aluminium windows. And there is even more in terms of colour, design and style. You can choose from virtually any colour, and your aluminium frame will be delivered just the way you want it. We custom-make and design locally, so whatever you need – we are here to supply exactly what you are after!

  • Durability

Aluminium is an exceptionally rigid material that keeps its shape. Even when exposed to harsh conditions, it’s still resistant enough to most elements; hence you will keep enjoying your aluminium windows for decades. Go and concentrate on other essentials for your building project, and choose to install our elegant, durable and practical aluminium windows.

Aluminium Windows Made Locally and Manufactured by Versalite Windows

Choosing aluminium windows makes all kinds of sense. At Versalite Windows, we take pride in that we have been manufacturing aluminium windows for over four decades. We have invaluable experience in the industry while also designing and introducing a wide range of aluminium window styles over the years. Contact us to get your choice window for your home and more info on the best lifestyle designs.

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