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Versanews Issue 3

versa news versalite windows issue 3

Did you know Versalite Windows are 100% locally owned and operated! We are constantly developing our extensive range to meet the requirements of our clients. We often get asked the following questions so have would like to share this information with to hopefully avoid your clients having concerns and you the builder knowing how to answer these.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have noticed some marks on my Low W glass. Has the glass been damaged?

Low E coating is actually harder than the glass and is quite difficult to scratch. The marks you may have noticed might be abrasion marks, the consequence of the coating being very hard is that it can be abrade other materials? So, materials rubbed across the coating the coating can abrade and leave deposits on the surface of the glass. These abrasion marks can be cleaned off and advise can be found on our website to clean Low E glass.

What causes water to be on the inside glass of my windows?

Condensation is a common & natural event. Some condensation can be experienced more frequently in cold weather. The colder the outdoor temperature, the more likely you are to have condensation on the inside of the glass. Condensation is becoming a much more of a concern in recent years, this is due to new technology and improvements in thermal performance of building products and practices. The easiest way to control condensation is to keep the relative humidity low. For example, Use exhaust fans in kitchens, laundry and bathrooms. Better yet open the window to allow fresh air to enter the room.

How do I clean the door & window hardware?

Cleaning should be done with a dilute solution of a mild liquid detergent in warm water. Using a soft bristle brush to clean the surface. Do not use abrasive tools. After cleaning rinse surfaces thoroughly with fresh water. If a more aggressive cleaning is required, a very mild abrasive such a high-quality automotive cream polish, used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, may be necessary. The use of strongly abrasive compounds such a cutting compound is not recommended. The use of bore water for cleaning is not recommended due to its mineral content, as it can bring about staining of the coating and may instigate long term coating failure. Ensure cleaning fluids do not penetrate into the locks or cylinder.

My double hung window sash is hard to operate and won’t stay open?

Double hung windows are designed to be operated on a regular basis. Double hung windows are operated using a pair or spiral balances. When the sashes are closed these spirals are extended, which exposes the tension spiral to the open air and all of its environmental effects i.e. dust, dirt and deposits. When the window is opened the spiral is pushed back into the housing which allows the spiral to get re-lubricated and in effect gets cleaned from all the dust and dirt so in accordance with the manufacture of the spiral balances it is recommended that the sashes are operated on as minimum every four weeks. For the purpose of maintaining the lubricate inside the spiral open and close both sashes for a minimum of 20 times for full lubrication to occur.

My sliding door is hard to slide what can be done?

Operational drag can occur on sliding doors for several reasons. Most commonly these problems tend to rectify over time after the door received normal daily use. If a panel is experiencing drag it will indicate the nylon buttons/glides (wool pile if fitted) still have the brand-new finish and needs to be worn to free the up the resistance. Its also worth investigating to see if the door panels may need adjusting which can be done with a Philip head screw drive to adjust the wheel heights of the doors.

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