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VersaNews Issue 2

versa news versalite windows issue 2

The Australian Glass and Window Association is a NATA Accredited Inspection Agency and undertakes annual audits of compliance to provide members with the means to independently demonstrate product performance and compliance with relevant Australian Standards. The new AGWA Accredited Companies Program effectively merges the two previous accreditation schemes of AWA and AGGA into one single, comprehensive and robust program taking the best of both to create a new, improved blueprint for the future to raise the profile of our industry, promote industry competence and expertise, and provide greater value for AGWA Members.

Why Accreditation Matters

The AGWA Accredited Company Program provides a comprehensive framework to develop and demonstrate the skills, experience, and integrity of your company’s production systems by formally recognising and promoting competence and expertise in window production, glazing and related activities. It makes it easier for your company to stand out from others.

Versalite Windows is Compliance Provide Accredited

Compliance Provide Accredited Companies with the means to independently demonstrate product performance and compliance with the National Construction Code, Australian Standard (AS) 2047 Windows and external glazed doors in buildings, Australian Standard (AS) 1288 Glass in buildings and other relevant Australian Standards.

Versalite Windows accredited for skills and training compliance

Skills and  Training Ensure Accredited Companies have the technical ‘know-how’ to achieve consistent and reliable performance and provide a continuing professional development program that allows Accredited Companies to maintain the currency of their skills and improve competency within their workforce.

Versalite Windows is safety first accredited

Safety Assist Accredited Companies in providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and recognise best practice WHS management and employee engagement in promoting safety and well-being in the workplace.

Versalite Windows are a proud accredited member of the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) which represents out practises in window & glass manufacturing whilst endorsing compliance, sustainability and fit-for-purpose products to us that supports our efforts to operate successfully.

Versalite Windows is a Glass & Windows Accredited Company
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