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Versalite Windows: Leading Aluminium Window & Door Manufacturer

At Versalite Windows, we configure aluminium frame windows and doors to personal tastes. Our techs know the best ways to put together a wide variety of combinations. Since 1977, we’ve been a go-to for the home building industry. We’re winners of the Australian Design Award (three times!). The Design Council of Australia called our products ‘good value for the money.’ And whilst we love hearing such positive feedback, it is the connections we have built over the years with industry, builders, home-owners, renovators and other suppliers that makes us love doing what we do!

versalite truck with aluminium windows

Aluminium has, of course, an impressive spectrum of applications. From turbine blades to picture frames (as well as windows and door frames!), you’ll find the component everywhere. And Versalite Windows knows why. The benefits are immeasurable.

  • Aluminium is lightweight and yet incredibly strong.
  • It’s 100% recyclable, making it one of the eco-friendliest options in manufacturing.
  • It’s reflective, anti-corrosive, and so flexible we can use it in the most intricate, complex productions.

We put that to work for builders, renovators and home-owners.

we work hard in specializing aluminium's extrusion for finest windows and door frames in Australia

Proud Reputation – We Work Hard

We specialise in aluminium’s extrusion and apply the results to giving our clients the finest windows and door frames in Australia. We strive to go the extra mile and deliver quality using the latest technology alongside old-fashioned courtesy and reliable customer service.

Partner with Versalite Windows and enter into a fuss-free process. We are THE reliable service for delivery on-time and when needed. Your product will always be made to your exacting specifications and will be fully compliant with the Australian window energy rating scheme (WERS) and designed to exceed Australian Standards AS1288, AS1170, and AS2047.

We know the frustration of hold-ups. Expect us to do the heavy lifting. We take the order, schedule the manufacture, and use old-school communication — calling the site manager, builder, or owner — to make sure your project’s on point.

Ready When You Need Us

‘Ready when you need us’ is Versalite Windows’ motto. It’s about knowing builders want their glass installations only once with the frames, trusses, and roof in place. It’s about never forgetting how costly any damage to materials left stacked on a construction site, waiting for installation — or worse, ‘disappearing’ — negatively impacts your bottom line.

Using Versalite Windows as your supplier of custom-made aluminium framed windows and doors means reliability, quality, and great function in your projects. We’ll rework our manufacturing schedule to work with any revised timetabling to your advantage. Versalite Windows is going to make sure your build goes smoothly. When you need us, we deliver! Every time.

Check out our latest 2021 Product Catalogue for all the necessary specifications and features ready for your next project.

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