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Versalite’s Spectacular Block Inspired Energy-Saving Reveal

Fans of television renovation reality show The Block will have noticed contestants’ fondness for glass —from shower screens to windows, kitchen splash backs to retractable doors.

And the results of the 2016 auction were schmick, to say the least.

Hang on though: not all has been revealed!

Australian-owned manufacturer Versalite Windows has a spectacular reveal that’ll save you big-time long-time.

Versalite adapted The Block’s preferred window and door glass product, Viridian’s double-glazed LightBridge, to our aluminum window and door systems and had them tested for energy efficiency.

LightBridge glass conducted by Versalite team
Credit: The Block / Viridian Glass

Using LightBridge glass, our sliding windows achieved 4 ½-star cooling ratings and 5 ½ stars for heating.

Ordinary glass may achieve 1 star for cooling and at best 3 ½ stars for heating.

The testing was independent, determined according to the Window Energy Rating Scheme, managed by the Australian Window Association (AWA).

Similar spectacular energy rating results were achieved across Versalite’s entire product range of sliding windows, double hung windows, awning windows and sliding doors when combined with LightBridge.

Given that energy costs keep rising, it makes sense to consider ways to minimise your power bills, long term, when you are building or renovating your home.

Double-glazed glass traditionally has been popular in Australia’s cooler regions because of its temperature control.

Now warmer parts of Australia are realising double-glazing is not just about keeping heat in!

On top of temperature control – keeping your interior naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter – benefits of double-glazing include:

  • enhanced natural lighting
  • noise reduction
  • security
  • UV protection.

Now take those benefits with a high-performing double-glazing option like Lightbridge and the cooling and heating performance skyrockets.

Of course choosing the right glass is not only about energy ratings.

All Versalite Windows and Doors’ products meet building code requirements, performing under rigorous independent testing for:

  • wind pressure
  • operating force
  • water penetration resistance
  • air leakage.

Talk today to Versalite Windows, manufacturing since 1977: a market leader and design champion, investing in research and design to enhance your building’s liveability and environmental efficiency.

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