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Versalite R&D Delivers New-Gen Awning Window

If you thought awning or hopper windows were only for tall small spaces – the loo with no view perhaps — let Versalite Windows show you otherwise.

Versalite, the Australian-owned award-winning aluminium door and window manufacturer, has applied 3D computer aided design technology to create a new generation of awning window that can be used effectively in much bigger areas.

Click on the images in the slideshow above to access an interactive 3D view of the window, including the ability to expand the model into the separate components to get a full view of this new technology.

Yes, the awning window now opens out, hinged from the top, but it is no longer relegated to bathrooms, garages and workshops thanks to Versalite Windows’ technological breakthrough.

And it’s for this reason that Versalite’s Michael Myers says the awning window could be an architect’s dream creative solution.

“Clients want ever-bigger glass expanses but they don’t want lines running across the middle of the opening,” says Michael.

“We can design and precision manufacture awning windows much larger than traditionally, and all to Australian Standards.”

The real magic of Versalite’s innovation comes long before the home owners are sitting back with their celebration drink enjoying their view.

Versalite’s adoption of Solidworks’ 3D technology means designs can be tested – and changed as necessary — with precision accuracy before any physical window frame is made.

“The nature of the 3D is that we can see the window as it will be, we can open and close it and test its functionality, in a virtual world. This takes out the guesswork and saves time in implementing innovative design,” says Michael.

Versalite’s new-look awning windows’ winding mechanism can be electrically powered: a boon for high-set openings.

They can also be double-glazed and finely-woven, stainless steel, barely-there flyscreens can be installed without impeding the outlook.

Versalite Windows, manufacturing since 1977: a market leader and design champion through its investment in research and design.

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