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Versalite Quality Reinforced With Ticks and Checks of Assurance

Versalite Windows 2016 Compliance Certificate from WERS & AWA

Glass is an amazingly versatile and beautiful building product but as we’ve said before glass ain’t just glass.

Even when you choose the right glass for a building project, you need to be confident that it’s up to standard.

Look at Versalite Window products and you’ll see labels bearing certified accreditation and window ratings, proving its products are safe and smart glass.

Versalite Windows has been serious about quality since its formation in 1977.

In 2015, Versalite Windows passed 2 key compliance audits for its products, maintaining its long tradition of quality, safety, affordability and smart technology.

You can’t be a member of the Australian Window Association without such independent assessment: it’s a guarantee of performance.

But let’s look at how and why passing those audits is important for builders, designers and owner-builders choosing glass products for a residential or commercial project.

If your building – residential or commercial – does not comply with Australian Standard AS1288, you are liable for damages caused by injury.

That means you want to know that the glass product you use is absolutely up to the job. Versalite Windows and Doors are glazed in accordance with AS1288 and are manufactured and tested to AS2047 “ Windows in buildings” performing under rigorous independent testing for:

  • wind pressure – including withstanding unusual wind conditions
  • operating force
  • air leakage – to ensure energy and acoustic efficiency
  • water penetration resistance.

The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) provides a scientifically based, credible rating system for windows and glazed doors, compliant with the National Construction Code.

Even Versalite Windows’ custom jobs carry the WERS rating.

WERS has an enormous impact on liveability. Energy efficient windows will make your home or commercial building more comfortable, dramatically reducing energy costs and helping to create a brighter, cleaner, healthier environment.

And being energy efficient, as well as beautiful and functional, ticks resale boxes too.

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