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Versalite iDoor Is Here.

If you’ve ever stood at the front door, struggling under the weight of groceries , fumbling for a key and wishing you could just say ‘Open Sesame!’ to gain entry to your home, Versalite Windows’ latest innovation—the automatic sliding glass door —has your name on it.

Versalite Windows’ automatic sliding glass doors have a keyless entry option for the residential housing market.

Yes, automatic sliding doors have been in commercial and corporate buildings for years, using a swipe card, push button or sensor.

It’s taken the ingenuity of Australian owned and operated aluminium window and door manufacturer Versalite Windows to translate that technology for everyday living.

This innovation can be incorporated in new home designs using sliding or stacker doors or retrofitted into existing sliders.

It’s a boon for Australia’s aged because there’s no need to pit strength against a stubborn heavy sliding door.

The automatic opening and closing function – using a remote control, push button or swipe – eases access and enhances independence for people with a disability.

And then there are those of us who remember that the lightbulb over the front step needs changing as we try to get the key into lock in the dark; or wish we were octopus as we wrestle to open ‘home sweet home’ while juggling the briefcase, dry cleaning, rugrats, sports bag and takeaway dinner.

Good to know, Versalite’s automatic sliding door system works off 240v and has lithium batteries providing 24-hours backup in the event of a power outage – so there’s no need to fear being trapped in or out.

Call Versalite Windows’ Michael Myers to find out more or drop by Versalite Windows’ showroom to see the convenience of the automatic door system for yourself. We know you’ll be saying ‘I want one’.

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