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Top Tips for Choosing Wardrobe Doors for Your New Home or Renovation Project

If you are constructing your home or renovating your house, you will be surprised at what wardrobe doors can achieve. Selecting the right doors for your wardrobes can change the aesthetic appeal of a room and also alter your space and access. Here are the critical factors you should consider when choosing wardrobe doors.

Wardrobe Doors – Choosing the right materials 

When choosing a wardrobe door, consider the material it is made from. Wardrobe doors are manufactured using any combination of:

  • Wood
  • High-density fibre (HDF)
  • Medium-density fibre (MDF)
  • Particleboard
  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Steel, and
  • PVC
Shoji wardrobe

Each of these materials has different a different texture and appearance, creating a look and feel unique to the products themselves. It is advisable to choose materials that blend with the aesthetic of the rest of your room. Select a material that is both durable and low maintenance. An ideal wardrobe door should easily last several years without showing adverse signs of wear, should require little maintenance, and also be easy to use. 

Different materials allow for various functions and also have different costs. Clear glass wardrobe doors will act as a display – which means that you have to keep the contents of your wardrobe organised at all times. However, if the wardrobe doors are serving as an entrance into a walk-in closet, then you may have more light entering the space. Light is generally considered a positive – but consider the impact of light on your expensive clothing. Could any excess sunlight damage or bleach your clothing, shoes and bags?

MDF wardrobe panels are incredibly versatile and lightweight. You can readily apply laminates and veneers to change their appearance without spending more on the wardrobe door structure. Selecting woodgrain or a vinyl finish may suit the design style and furniture choices within your room. 

For many homes, having a mirrored wardrobe increases the appearance of size and space within a bedroom. Versalite Windows’ Space Maker Softline™ sliding wardrobe doors are available in either clear or tinted anti-shatter safety-backed mirror panels. They provide unparalleled style to any sophisticated bedroom.

Plain panels are also popular in a sliding door combination and allow for painting or wallpapering as an alternative for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Wardrobe door design 

The wardrobe door design you choose will depend on your taste, space considerations, and current trends. There are numerous wardrobe door designs for you to choose from. The doors should be easy to access, easy to open and utilise space efficiently. You can select:

  • Swinging leaf doors (single and double)
  • Folding doors
  • Bi-fold doors, and
  • Sliding doors
softline wardrobes by versalite

Modern home specifications

For most modern homes, we see builders specifying sliding doors. If you are low on space, sliding doors will help you conserve space while still protecting your clothes. Swinging doors, folding doors and bi-folds will require more space – so these are generally utilised for bedrooms with ample spare space.

Creative features with wardrobe doors

You can add additional features to your wardrobe doors – whether that is wall to wall, corner installations or the actual finishes and colours you choose. For example, you can add louvres to enhance ventilation and reduce stuffiness. Other features include a mirrored finish to save on space, giving you a chance to compare clothes right within the bedroom itself. 

Wardrobe function 

A wardrobe door should serve several purposes. First, it should be waterproof and also prevent the entry of sunlight. The sun’s rays can bleach your clothes, making them appear more aged than they actually are. A wardrobe should also improve the style of your room. The surface appearance of your wardrobe door should match the surroundings. 

For example, you can use a laminated high gloss finish door for your master bedroom if you are looking for an elegant, classy look. However, a child’s wardrobe may require less gloss and more colour to make the room appear more lively and appealing to the child. You can also consider a chalkboard finish for your kids to write on or a surface for them to stick things on. 

Space saver wardrobe

Space saving solutions

We all want to feel like we have more space in our bedrooms, so choosing the right design and style of wardrobe is essential. Versalite’s Space:Maker Softline™ wardrobes are suitable for either wall to wall or corner return installations. They are constructed from high-quality aluminium extrusions and designed to suit ceiling heights of up to three metres. The continuous finger grip on all door panels provides additional strength and ease of use.

With a foot-friendly, unobtrusive design and easy-to-clean track, this sliding door range offers a quiet rattle-free operation with a smooth sliding action.

Choosing wardrobe doors for your new home or renovation project

Your choice of wardrobe doors can impact your lifestyle, beauty, and style of your home. When choosing a wardrobe door, find a qualified and experienced supplier and observe different designs before making a decision. Contact Versalite Windows today to choose from our collection of Award-Winning wardrobe doors, backed by our 10 Year components and frames guarantee.

Slim line wardrobe by Versalite Windows

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