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Tips for Selecting the Correct Window and Door Combination for Your Project

A well-chosen selection of doors and windows adds class, elegance, and timeless appeal to your build or renovation project. As a builder, this is one of the essential decisions you’ll have to make. Here are some helpful considerations to keep in mind when making the decision. The images below have been supplied by one of our building partners – David Bright Homes . The selection of aluminium framed windows and doors chosen complement the lifestyle of the homeowners and add to the aesthetic of this modern home. The design and styling are very much Australian to fit with our warm climate, our love of bringing the outdoors in and spending time connecting with family and friends.

Project Construction by David Bright Homes.

Window and Door Selection Tips:


When planning on buying doors and windows, ensure they are in tandem with the design of the house. High-quality doors and windows can elevate both the exterior and interior design of a home. Conversely, poor-quality doors and windows will lower the property’s curb appeal. Therefore, the doors and windows you choose shouldn’t just complement each other, but also the design of the building. This gallery entrance creates a sense of luxury and grandeur – both during the daylight hours and when lit up at night. From both the internal and external viewpoints, visitors and homeowners alike feel welcomed as the window and door choices work in tandem with the design features of the home.

Grand gallery entrance with fixed lite windows. Image Courtesy of David Bright Homes.
View from inside the light-filled gallery entrance looking out thought the fixed lite windows. Image Courtesy of David Bright Homes.


Doors and windows that will function best for the project are a necessity. Your priority should be to install doors and windows that make using the space more manageable for the homeowners. Here are two questions you should ask yourself:

What’s the purpose of the room where you want the doors and windows installed? (Bathroom, living room, kitchen, office, etc.)

How large is the room? Is there enough space for large in-swinging doors or windows, for instance? 

Aluminium sliding doors add functionality and join the internal and external living spaces. Image Courtesy of David Bright Homes.
Aluminium sliding doors provide cross flow ventilation and functionality. Image Courtesy of David Bright Homes.
Polished concrete flooring complements the aluminium framed sliding doors supplied in ‘Monument’ Colour. Image Courtesy of David Bright Homes.

Size and Materials

After determining the type of doors and windows that will work best for your project, you need to focus on the materials used. Depending on the purpose of the space and the climate of your locality, you may require doors and windows made from durable materials.

Typically, windows and doors are manufactured using materials such as aluminium, wood, vinyl, metal-filled plastic, and glass. Outward-facing windows and doors should be safer, more secure, and made from materials that withstand extreme weather. Wood may offer aesthetic appeal but is sensitive to heat and humidity. On the other hand, aluminium doors are a practical choice due to their durability.

Aluminium framed windows and matching sliding doors connect the Alfresco area with the internal living zones. Image Courtesy of David Bright Homes.

Energy Efficiency

As a builder, you shouldn’t choose windows and doors just for security and flair. Energy efficiency should also be a top priority. Therefore, ensure that the doors and windows you choose help to reduce energy consumption. Besides minimising energy consumption, other advantages of selecting energy-efficient doors and windows are:

  • Increased comfort
  • Interior temperature control
  • Improved air quality
  • Enhanced durability.
Don’t forget the laundry! Here we have a functional and aesthetic aluminium framed clear guard door in the laundry adding plenty of natural light. Image Courtesy of David Bright Homes.

Selecting the Correct Window and Door Combination for Your Project

The right combination of doors and windows not only guarantee safety and security but also increases your project’s value. That’s why it’s essential to buy from a trusted manufacturer of handmade doors and windows. At Versalite Windows, we guarantee the quality of our products with a 7-year guarantee, at a price you can afford. Check out our latest catalogue, and consider choosing us as your ‘go-to’ door and window solution provider. Contact us to find out more about our services and products.

Modern bathroom with a frosted glass aluminium framed sliding window bringing in natural light , while still providing the necessary privacy. Image Courtesy of David Bright Homes.
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