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The Space: Maker Softline™ Sliding Wardrobe Door System

In the modern storage world, old-fashioned freestanding robes just don’t cut it anymore. They rarely hold enough, waste a lot of the surrounding room space and can be both difficult and noisy to open and close. Sliding door wardrobes are far superior, and at Versalite Windows we believe the Space: Maker Softline™ Sliding Wardrobe Door System to be the best of the bunch. Let’s take a look at why that is by answering some questions you might have…

Will a Space: Maker Softline™ Wardrobe Fit in My Bedroom?

The short answer is almost certainly. These sliding door wardrobes are designed to suit most room layouts, accommodating ceiling heights of up to three metres. Basically, unless we’re talking about a very unusual space, a Space:Maker Softline™ Sliding Wardrobe can be custom-built to meet your individual requirements.

Are Space: Maker Softline™ Sliding Door Wardrobes Well Made?

Absolutely! The Space: Maker Softline™ System has not only won a highly respected Good Design Award, the frames and other components come with a 10-year guarantee (when used under normal operating conditions). Constructed from high-quality aluminium extrusion, these wardrobes are also glazed to comply with Australian Safety Standards AS 1288 and AS 2208.

Is a Space: Maker Softline™ Sliding Wardrobe Easy to Use?

Once again, the answer is absolutely! All of the panels feature a continuous finger grip that, along with adding strength, means you can hold the panel anywhere along the edge. Perhaps more importantly, the large round-tyred rollers, combined with a strong metal adjustment bracket, ensure smooth, quiet operation.

Don’t These Panels Sometimes Come Off Their Tracks?

You might find that with a lesser brand, but it’s not likely to happen with the Space:Maker Softline™ Sliding Wardrobe Door System, thanks to the design-registered anti-jump devices which keep the panels on their tracks and prevent them from rattling as may happen with inferior sliding door wardrobes.

Are Space: Maker Softline™ Wardrobes Hard to Clean?

Not at all. Due to the open design and construction, they are quite easy to maintain. And this includes the track, which is definitely foot friendly – no tripping or stepping on anything painful like with a lesser product!

Will a Space: Maker Softline™ Sliding Wardrobe Match My Décor?

These sliding door wardrobes aren’t just practical, they are also available in a variety of door styles, colours and finishes to suit a wide range of decors. Special colours are even possible on request for those wanting to give their Space: Maker Softline™ System a uniquely fashionable touch.

Check out some of the attractive options in the Colour Selection section of our catalogue.

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Established in 1977, Versalite Windows is a proudly Australian owned and operated business that has become leading supplier to the building industry. No job is too big or small for our experienced team, who pride themselves on sourcing materials locally wherever possible and delivering 100% customer satisfaction. To enquire about the Space: Maker Softline™ Sliding Wardrobe Door System or any of our other top-quality products, you can call (02) 6765 3222, email or use the online contact form here.

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