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The Right Selection of Windows and Doors Create Beautiful Homes

Building a beautiful home means that all the components of the house are well thought through. Whether renovating or building a new home, there are a number of factors that come together to create a beautiful, functional and liveable home. Day-to-day comfort is undoubtedly one of them. That is why windows and doors are essential, first, for beauty, and secondly, for determining the flow of natural light, warmth, and acoustics. Windows and doors also play a vital part in security, aesthetics and efficiency.

Windows & Doors Create Beautiful Homes

As a home-owner, therefore, you ought to consider a few factors before you acquire your home’s doors and windows. To help you do that, we have put together a few tips and takeaways you may want to consider.

1. Home’s location is key

Home orientation will guide you in terms of the position of the sun. When taken into consideration, your choice of windows and doors ensure positioning and materials allow you to take full advantage of your home’s natural environment.

Energy efficiency will make sure that your home is adequately warm in winter and relatively cool in the summer. Many home builders think that they might suffer during winter if they install a few more windows. That is not the case. Your home’s location, together with the right window selection, will help you to maximise energy efficiency.

Floor plan of a house top view 3D illustration

Work with your professional home builder so that you are able to select the best glass that will work well with your home’s orientation. Without being too specific, east-facing parts of your home will suffer harsh morning sunlight while the west-facing ones will experience much of the afternoon sun. This is especially true during the summer.

North-facing rooms will bring in natural light. As such, they ought to be shaded in the summer to repel the harsh summer heat while allowing heat to permeate in the winter evenly.

2. Think about noise levels

While sunlight is the number one exterior factor that has a considerable impact on your home and living style, noise is an equally critical factor. Noise can rob you of peace and comfort. Noisy neighbours, overhead planes and even street traffic can impact your home. The selection and placement of windows and doors can alleviate some sounds. If you have established that your home will likely suffer a large amount of noise, you could consider soundproofing.

noise reduction doors and windows specifically made to absorb interior and exterior noises

There are noise reduction doors and windows specifically made to absorb interior and exterior noises so that your residence enjoys the quiet and calm you deserve. Are you using your home to study or work, perhaps you play an instrument?  There will be other times when you just want to relax or enjoy the company of family and friends. At the end of the day, your selection of windows and doors can impact how suitable your home is for your lifestyle and comfort.

3. Indoor – outdoor flow makes all the difference

Natural lighting is a critical ingredient in a healthy and functional home. Shown to improve our mood by lowering blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol, vitamin D rays are a feel-good and energy-efficient method of lighting your home.

Having a dramatic effect on an interior’s aesthetics (the look and feel of colours and textures) and helping make spaces appear larger, natural lighting adds character and style. Also contributing to bringing the outdoors in, windows lend interiors a nature-inspired calmness and assists in maximising airflow.

natural lighting makes all the difference using a glass windows

Natural light is a key factor when you want your home to function healthily. For many of us, we associate natural light with having a better mood – which is why we enjoy being outside! It is not just the fresh air after all. Allowing natural light to filter into your home can help to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. When the sun’s rays penetrate through the windows and blinds, you take in the critical vitamin D.

Furthermore, natural light accentuates a dramatic effect indoors; colours and textures are greatly improved. Also, natural light plays with our eyes to make spaces appear larger.  Your selection of windows and doors can significantly enhance character and style.

4. Do you have a specific need for a particular room?

It is crucial to ask yourself the question: What role is this room playing in my home?  Answering this question will allow you to choose the best type of window (size and security) that needs to be placed at the appropriate location. For example, the living room should be large, open, and welcoming. It would, therefore, in most cases, demand large reinforced windows and doors. Indoor/outdoor flow are also important considerations in main living areas. Bedrooms, on the other hand, require a certain level of privacy, so positioning is essential.

Uniform windows and doors design that matches the living room and dining room of the house

If you have a home project, Versalite Windows has an elaborate catalogue from modern to traditional styles. Please contact us, and we will be ready to help you with your needs.

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