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The Benefits of ClearGuard Door Screens and Window Screens

Traditionally, when it came to the doors and windows in your home, there was almost a trade-off between quality of life and security. The products that looked the best or added most to the comfort level inside often weren’t the ones that provided maximum protection from potential intruders.

The good news is that’s no longer the case. Thanks to the amazing ClearGuard screens available from Versalite Windows, it’s now possible to have doors and windows that perform in EVERY department. You’ll find a gallery with some real-life examples at the bottom of this page.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits offered by ClearGuard door screens and window screens…

Home Safety

ClearGuard mesh is strong, durable and manufactured using a unique process that guards against corrosion. Speaking of guarding, with ClearGuard screens throughout your dwelling, you can rest easy knowing that – unlike old-fashion screens that could be cut through in seconds – they present a serious barrier to anyone seeking unauthorised access to the building.

The Australian government’s guide for homeowners notes, “Locks and security screens should be installed to deter thieves … and the quality of exterior doors, door frames, hinges and locks must be high.” Versalite’s doors and windows featuring ClearGuard screens definitely meet these requirements.

Maximum Airflow

Don’t swelter behind a solid door or closed window because you either don’t feel safe behind only your existing screens – or maybe you don’t currently have a screen door or window screens at all. With ClearGuard screens in place, you can allow maximum airflow through your apartment/house while keeping out insects and, as we’re fond of saying, keeping out strangers, too.

Good View

A solid door doesn’t offer much of a view of your property and its surroundings, and tatty old-fashioned screens aren’t a whole lot better. ClearGuard door screens and window screens let you admire the scenery through a sturdy mesh that isn’t going to rip easily or warp out of shape. You might even say they represent a stylish portal onto the world. Which brings us to…

Aesthetic Appeal

Put simply, ClearGuard screens are attractive. Check out the photos linked to in the introduction if you don’t believe us. They look expensive, even though they’re quite affordable. They look secure, sending immediate warning signs to prospective burglars. And they look stylish in a modern way, meaning they’re also a great way of updating the feel of an older building.

If and when you ever sell your property, ClearGuard screens are going to be another big tick in the minds of house-hunters.

To Learn More About ClearGuard, Contact us Today

Established in 1977, Versalite Windows is a proudly Aussie business that has become a leading supplier to the building industry. No job is too big or small for our skilled team, who pride themselves on sourcing materials locally where possible and on delivering 100% customer satisfaction. For questions about ClearGuard or anything else door- or window-related, you can call us on (02) 6765 3222, email or use the online contact form located here.

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