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Stacking Doors vs Sliding Doors

Building a new property, renovating your current one, or just in need of a few updates here and there, it’s very possible you may be in the market for some new doors.

Some of the most popular door options many of our clients in Tamworth, Lismore and all over Northern NSW opt for include sliding doors and stacking doors.

So, you’ve narrowed it down to these two options, but still not sure which is the right fit for your needs? Here at Versalite windows, our team of experts are well versed when it comes to pairing our window and door products with the properties of our clients and we would like to help you decide. Below, we have put together a helpful guide comparing and contrasting the many key features and benefits of both sliding doors and stacking doors.

Sliding doors: what are they and why they’re so popular

Sliding doors are one of the most common door types you’ll find in most Aussie homes. Generally, most sliding door designs will consist of two panels, one will be fixed, while one or more panels will be able to slide. Opening horizontally by sliding along a track, sliding doors are a simple and reliable feature throughout the home.

Stacking doors explained

On the other hand, you have stacking doors. This door style works exactly as the name would suggest­—by stacking in and out. Stacking doors may consist of a range of different panels but a common design will usually consist of three panels, one panel will be fixed while the other two slide out and may then be stacked back on top of one another when the door is opened.

Sliding doors benefits

There is a reason why sliding doors have been so popular for so many years. Some of the many advantages of opting for sliding doors include:

  • They provide great access to outdoor areas and patios
  • With the addition of a flyscreen, sliding doors are the perfect way to open up your property to fresh air and natural light
  • Sliding doors are minimalistic in appearance and will suit a range of homes

Stacking doors benefits

Stacking doors will also bring many advantages to your Tamworth or Lismore property. Some of the benefits of stacking doors include:

  • Similar to sliding doors, stacking doors are a great way to open up your home to light and airflow
  • Bring the inside out by creating the ideal outdoor entertaining space with stacking doors
  • The smaller sized panels of stacking doors make them easy to control

Searching for sliding or stacking doors in Tamworth or Lismore? Get a quote today

With two convenient locations, Tamworth and Lismore, we can provide our window and door services all over Northern NSW. If you are considering adding sliding doors or stacking doors to your Tamworth, Lismore or other NSW property, get in touch with the experienced team of specialists at Versalite Windows today. Be sure to also browse our vast windows and doors range on our website. Contact our team today at .

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