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Smart Windows Add to a Home’s Longevity and Energy Efficiency

green grass farm view

We admit we were a little envious when we saw this picture-perfect view from the latest home construction project of northern New South Wales builder Brett Harley. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Lennox Head.

And Brett has made sure the future residents of this Knockrow build will truly enjoy the view and aspect.

The hilltop family home, designed in two wings linked via a breezeway, has an easterly orientation to maximise light, air and outlook. It also has a lot of glass to bring the outside in.

The vastness of glass presented Brett with some interesting considerations. Three pivotal concerns were wind, glare and temperature control.

  • The elevated location exposes the house not only to welcome sea breezes but full storm fury from east or west as well.
  • Morning light is great: morning glare can be painful.
  • Glass loses almost 10 times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall.  This had to be a house for all seasons.

Brett was also mindful of privacy even though it’s not an immediate issue on this acreage site.

“I sought one solution for all of these and found it in Versalite Windows’ tinted glass products,” Brett says.

“I’m always looking at new ideas that will add to a house’s longevity and energy efficiency.”

SP35 Grey Low-E SmartGlass

Brett used SP35 Grey Low-E SmartGlass to address temperature control, glare and privacy.

That wasn’t the end of the project’s tricky issues. The design had no architraves! As we know, architraves aren’t just decorative: they allow for some movement as buildings ‘settle’, hiding allowed for gaps.

“Versalite was great to work with on this. I needed to be confident that full walls of glass bi-fold doors not only looked good but also withstood the worst of winds. As well as using an alternate method of construction, I needed Versalite’s flexible custom design and experience,” Brett, who’s been building for more than 20 years, explains.

Smart window created by Brett Harley and Versalite team

Together, Brett Harley and Versalite have delivered great results. You wouldn’t want to hide this view, or this job, behind curtains!

The family expects to move in before Christmas. We look forward to returning with Brett closer to handover.

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