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Sliding Door Rollers for a Modern Age

N9000 sliding door rollers

There’s an old English proverb “necessity is the mother of invention”, and for the building industry this is an ever-relevant statement. With beautiful new homes being built all the time and owners wanting to push the boundaries of design, innovation is needed for these dreams to become a reality.

In today’s residential building, a lot of owners are wanting simplicity in design of their homes, with lots of space and natural light. These properties therefore require higher ceilings, lots of glass, quitter space, which is driving the need for bigger and wider sliding doors with double glazing.

Due to their size, these sliding doors come with a lot of weight. Rollers in the past have been satisfactory, but with the change in dimensions and weight, there was a need for a better roller. This is where Anthony Innovations and Versalite Windows decided to step in.

Both companies could see a need for a better roller system and the N9000 tandem roller was born. Anthony Innovations is the designer of the product and Versalite Windows are the door manufacturer, both Australian companies.

The N9000 features an innovative new wheel design, an extended wheel carriage to provide wheel protection, high impact absorption and greater structural integrity, all of which leads to superior performance. It can carry extremely heavy doors and still close with the light press of a finger.

These rollers will support a door weight up to 200kg, they have high quality plastic rollers to resist track wear and are easily serviceable once installed. Due to their innovative design they have reduced noise and a smoother operation.

The rollers have been tested to 100,000 cycles and the results are astounding, which is why this Australian designed product is backed by an industry leading 15 year warranty.

If you’re looking for a roller to support the sliding door of your or your clients dream home, then the N9000 Tandem Roller is the perfect choice.

To find out more about the N9000 range click here or contact us on (02) 6765 3222 or via email

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