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Should I Repair or Replace My Windows? Let’s Find Out

Windows play a significant role in enhancing the safety, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of your home. However, their efficiency and curb appeal naturally degrade with continued use. When you notice that there are changes in noise, temperature, and comfort levels in your house, it could mean that your windows are no longer efficient.

One of the issues we hear builders talk about is that homeowners are never sure whether they should repair or replace their windows, and when to do it. If you are caught up in such a dilemma, the most suitable option for you will depend on the issue that you are experiencing. Sometimes the decision also comes down to cost and what is the most effective solution short term vs long term.

Should I repair or replace my windows? 

Australian Windows and Door Manufacturers Versalite Windows

Reasons to Replace Your Windows

  • Broken Seals

Windows need to be replaced if they can no longer guarantee the safety and comfort of your loved ones. When window seals crack or break, house occupants will be exposed to weather elements such as heat and cold. This is a problematic situation. The seals can be very difficult to restore and this makes it necessary to replace the windows rather than attempting to salvage them. As a builder you should be recommending high-quality windows which meet Australian Standards so you can be sure they will perform in our climate.

  • Rotting Wood

One of the telltale signs that your house needs new windows is when you notice that wood surrounding the glass panes is rotting away. Rotting is caused by continued exposure to water as a result of a poor paint job, or simply age. It is a worthwhile investment to replace timber windows with quality aluminium windows since they are tougher and more resistant to the elements.

Rotting is common on window frames, sashes, and dividers. When noticed early, it can be salvaged by patching up and repairing the affected spots. This can buy you some time. However, you should replace your windows if you notice that the damage is widespread.

  • Stubborn Windows

Sometimes, windows literally refuse to open. This often occurs when there is irregular expansion and contraction between the frames and sashes. Attempting to open such windows forcefully can damage the frames and seals, thus affecting the structural integrity of the windows. Therefore, it’s advisable to replace the windows with new ones.

Recommending Sliding Aluminium Windows

When recommending window replacement, you should ensure your builder provides you with a product that is factory glazed to Australian standards. At Versalite, our sliding aluminium windows are a great choice.  Sash rollers provide effortless movement, and our weatherseals reduce air infiltration. Our square-cut machine joints solve weatherproofing issues and provide greater strength to the overall window. Better still is the unique drainage system designed to eliminate unsightly weep slots, providing a cleaner look. So with one simple choice, your issues of broken seals, rotting wood and stubborn windows can be resolved.

When to Repair Windows

Sometimes, it’s sensible to repair your windows instead of replacing them. In all circumstances, consider the cost-effectiveness of your repair. In some situations, it can be just as economical to have the entire window replaced – depending on the size and issue you are dealing with.

Repairing windows restores their previous appearance and functionality while keeping to a budget in some cases. This could be your go-to option if you notice the following:

  • Worn Down Appearance

New South Wales experiences extreme weather at certain times of the year. Such weather leads to regular wear and tear on your windows’ exterior surfaces. Typical signs of wear and tear include chipped paint on the window frames. You can fix this by simply sanding or repainting window frames rather than replacing the entire structure.

  • Cracked or Broken Panes

You can repair windows whose glass is cracked or broken by replacing the affected panes. Similarly, if you have dual or triple-paned windows and only one of them is cracked or broken, you may be able to have only one replaced. If a multi-paned glass gets cracked or broken, the entire sash should be replaced.

  • Rotting or Missing Drip Cap

Drip caps are designed to prevent rainwater from getting into direct contact with your windows. If you notice that a drip cap is either missing or rotting, you should either repair it or install a new one. Drip caps are cheaply available at most hardware stores in New South Wales.

Windows are an essential component of your home. They not only safeguard your loved ones from the elements but also act as an outlet to the outdoors. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your windows are always in excellent condition.

Replacing Windows with Quality, Strength and Durability – look no further than Versalite.

Quality aluminium sliding windows

If your windows are significantly damaged, you will need to replace them. For sheer durability, strength, and a low maintenance option, choosing quality aluminium-framed windows as replacements is a smart choice.

If you require high-quality windows in New South Wales or want to learn more, do not hesitate to contact Versalite. We pride ourselves on working with builders and trades throughout the State. We manufacture quality aluminium windows – from sliding windows, awning windows and louvres. You are sure to find the right option for your needs, view our online catalogue for more details.

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