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Ready When Needed, Delivered on Time Your Windows and Doors…

Versalite Windows’ promise is more than a jingle.

From working on building construction sites – residential or commercial – you’ll know there’s truth to the saying ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’.

No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong: like a hitch in approvals or a few days rain.

That’s why it pays to choose suppliers who are both reliable and flexible in the delivery of materials: suppliers like Australian award-winning aluminium window and door manufacturer Versalite Windows.

our expert team member cutting a steel panel part of a window

We’re proud of the reputation gained of delivering ‘on time, when needed’. It’s so much more than a radio jingle: in the 40 years we’ve been manufacturing, we’ve learned that ‘as scheduled’ and ‘when needed’ can become 2 very different things.

Most big Australian window manufacturers take an order, schedule it into their system and despatch as per the schedule because the order is just a number.

That’s not how Versalite Windows work. We take the order, schedule the manufacture and we use old-school communication – calling the site manager, builder or owner/builder – to check on progress.

We know the frustration of hold-ups.

We know that builders typically want the glass installations only once the frames, trusses and roof are in place.

And we know how costly any damage of materials left stacked on a construction site waiting for installation – or worse, ‘disappearing’ — can be to your bottom line.

Working with Versalite Windows as your supplier of custom-made aluminium framed windows and doors means we’ll rework our manufacturing schedule to work in with your revised timetabling.

What if your build is going so smoothly, you need the glass products sooner? We deliver on time when needed!

While the industry standard for delivery of custom-made windows and doors is 6 weeks from order, our turnaround can be just 10 days. No shortcuts. No compromise. We achieve this by integrating old-school personalised service with high-tech factory practices using Empower Cloud technology that lets us track every stage of a project from every workstation, delivering consistently on time when needed without compromise.

Delivering on time when needed: it’s the fuss-free, reliable choice for aluminium framed windows and doors, made to your specifications, fully compliant with the Australian window energy rating scheme and designed to exceed Australian Standards AS1288, AS1170 and AS2047.

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