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Stunning Designs, Built for
Aussie Conditions


Affordable Functional Window & Door Solutions

Our Architectural product range of aluminium windows and doors have been developed after years of extensive research to ensure they perform to the highest standard and in the toughest conditions.

We have received three Australian Design Awards for manufacturing and designing affordable, functional window and door solutions for the Australian Building Industry. The Design Council of Australia described our products as “good value for money” - which is just what we want to provide to our customers.

Designed and Built for Aussie Conditions

Our products are manufactured to stringent safety and design specifications. Design features are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are also practical and affordable.

We ensure our products can withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the Australian environment and are fully compliant with the window energy rating scheme. Each one of our products is design to exceed Australian Standards AS1288, AS1170 and AS2047, and they also have custom energy ratings.

Lounge room, Deloraine Rd Lismore Heights

6 Year Warranty

If on the rare occasion you find one of our products has a defect, it’s good to know our 6 Year Warranty
covers you. It saves you against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials.
To review the complete terms and conditions please visit our Warranty Page.

Warranty Terms and Conditions
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    Smooth Operation

    Versalite manufactures a wide range of quality window and door styles in standard and non-standard sizes that are suitable for timber frame, brick veneer, brick cavity, concrete or Hebel block construction.

    The system’s simple yet rugged design is precision-engineered and is fabricated to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation.

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    Design Flexibility

    Versalite has versatility at the helm of its design. There is a design to suit any style and feel of any space. From modern clean lines, and the ability to add custom bars which can create a more traditional and formal style to any of the products. Each design has its own element in such as Double hung windows, which offers great top and bottom ventilation. Whilst outward opening Awning windows can provide air flow whilst in light rain. There is a window design throughout the range including sliding, double-hung, awning, louvre and custom fixed lites to suit your needs.

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    Custom designs are achievable with the Versatility of Versalite Windows. Mix and match multiple designs including fixed lite combinations. Versalite Windows are designed to work together naturally and elegantly. We offer custom made windows and doors at no extra expense.

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    Versalite Windows are a current member of the AGWA (Australian Glass and Windows Association), a third-party accreditation scheme to acknowledge Versalite Window’s compliance to the National Construction Code. Aluminium Windows and Doors are designed and tested in accordance with government codes:

    Glazing AS 1288-2006
    Wind Loading AS 1170.2
    Aluminium Windows 2047-2014
    View AGWA Accreditation Flyer
    Versatile Windows Compliance Certificate

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    Quality Control

    We pride ourselves on Quality Control and make it our priority to ensure every product meets our strict manufacturing, design and performance standards. Every window and door produced is checked to ensure maximum reliability, correct performance and a window performance label is fitted. This is our guarantee to you of the performance of the product.

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    Installers are advised to follow the recommendations set out in the Australian Standards 2047 – 2014 section 7 Australian Standard Code of Practice for installation & maintenance of aluminium windows in buildings. Versalite Windows endorses the need to always use qualified & licensed installers.

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    Cleaning of Versalite products is easy. A gentle wipe over with a soft damp cloth and a mild soap is all that is required to keep your product looking like new.

    All drainage holes and sills should be kept clear of debris so that water may drain freely from the frame.

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    We know that selecting the right colours and finishes for your aluminium frames is an essential component in creating the look and feel for your home. At Versalite we are the manufacturer, so your choices are almost endless. You can choose from:

    Powder coat finishes - Superior grade polyester powders are used to protect Versalite products from the fierce exposure of ultra violet light and weather.

    Anodised finishes - For corrosion-resistant and long-lasting protection, anodised colours are available. Click here to view some of our available colours
    Click here to view some of our available colours

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    Energy Rated Windows & Doors

    Versalite Windows and Doors have been custom energy rated and approved by WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme). Under the rating system, WERS reviews the materials and specifications for frame, glazing and other components that make up the product.

    Weather and air infiltration together with energy performance for both heating and cooling are referenced for each product, providing consumers and industry with a clear picture of the performance of different manufacturers, glazing and laminating effects. Thermal transmittance, Solar Heat Gain and Light transference are also graded.

    As a manufacturer of Windows and Doors, we continue to pursue innovative ways to ensure our products exceed Australian Standards. We supply products that assist builders, businesses and homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint by offering energy efficient solutions.
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    Technology and design go hand-in-hand with glazing options available to suit your insulation, privacy and security requirements. Maximise your views without turning up the heat.

    We offer a wide range of performance glass up to 6.76mm single glazing for privacy, sound, energy and security.

    18mm double glazing is available in various glass types and combinations to achieve desired insulation requirements.
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    Viridian Glass Cleaning Instructions

    Viridian has a range of glass products which require special care and handling. To ensure the longevity and aesthetic of your product we recommend following the care, maintenance and cleaning tips for your specific product. Click here to download cleaning instructions to help you care for your window glass for years to come.
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