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Powder Coating Aluminium Framed Doors and Windows

Property owners who desire a fresh designer-style for their window and door frames will be amazed at recent advancements made in powder coating aluminium framed doors and windows. Now, in addition to the standard, anodised aluminium-frame finish, modern innovations in commercial coatings offer the warmth of a wood-grain finish or the design of smart windows designs  that can be customised with an array of modern colour palettes.

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Window and Door Innovation and Technology

Innovative windows and doors
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Powder Coating Technology Explained

Electrostatic powder coating starts with an extremely fine and free-flowing, dry powder pigment that is heated until it melts. Once the product is applied to an aluminium window or door frame with an electrostatic spray machine, it forms an exceptionally smooth and tight bond with the metal. The result is a colour finish that is baked onto the frame’s surface, offering a more durable finish that will last longer than conventional paint.

Aluminium Framed Doors and Windows

When it comes to architectural aluminium applications, this innovative process allows for smart window designs that not only save energy, but add a design element to match or contrast other home decor features. Now, you can choose from a wide array of clever exterior door and window colours of any shade – even wood grain – using the amazing DecoWood. The beauty of powder coating technology with aluminium door and window frames is found in the slim profile of these windows that will add a modern and streamlined look to any home or building.

The Warmth of Wood Grained Frames

Wood-framed windows and doors are renowned for their timeless beauty. Today powder-coated aluminium technology offers the best of both worlds. Versalite Windows feature aluminium frames with warranty-grade powder coatings that are engineered specifically for architectural aluminium applications. What does this mean for commercial and residential property owners?

The answer is – versatility, beauty, and unmatched quality of wood grain-look window and door frames with energy-saving features such as high-performance glass and framing systems. Unlike window and door frames constructed from timber, aluminium frames are easy to maintain, will not rot, and will last for decades before needing window replacements.

Timber Look Powder coating aluminium window installed in a house
Modern Colours and Sleek Aluminium Profiles for Windows and Doors

Thanks to powder coating aluminium, homes and businesses are taking on a whole new designer look with modern window and door frames. Be on-point with black powder-coated window and door frames or opt for a bold splash of colour that is limited only by your imagination.

The wide variety of colour choices for aluminium door and window frames offer property owners a unique way to customise the look and feel of their home, increasing the resale value and curb appeal.

As a local business, we are proud to provide a level of quality customer service that may seem old fashioned to some. Whether you are a homeowner or master-builder, we will help you make the perfect choice when it comes to the selection of windows and doors for your next project.

Visit us online today at Versalite Windows for more information on this amazing technology that delivers an array of design choices.

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