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Living With Colour

It’s not often considered early in the build process but window frame colour selections play a vital role in the character of a home. When building or renovating, many homeowners consider the colour from the outside of the home but don’t think about the implications inside.

Outside view of a house with uniform bricks

Samantha Hobden, Managing Director of Simplicity Interiors, says you should always consider what your home looks like from the inside out. Just as the colour of your frames on the exterior of your home will affect the roof, gutter and fascia, the colour on the inside will influence walls, furniture, carpet and curtains.

She also notes that colour will have a dramatic effect on your emotions and the life brought into the environment. Colour inspires a psychological and emotional reaction in all of us and is just as important as the size and function of the window itself. Darker colours will present a calming effect while brighter colours will have more energy.

 “Samantha’s biggest tip for window colours: always look from the inside out.”

Other things to consider are the size of the window for the space, the view you wish to see (or conceal) and the amount of light and airflow required for the room. When combined with the right colours, all of these aspects can significantly enhance the aesthetic of a room and home.

Simplicity of a kitchen design with smart glass door

Versalite Windows manufactures frames with a range of standard colours to contrast and blend with any interior. Superior grade polyester powder is used to protect all of their products from the harsh sunlight and weather, which is not only long lasting but also cost effective. Premium colours from Interpon are also available upon request for an additional cost.

When it’s time for you to build or renovate, take the time to speak with the team at Simplicity Interiors to ensure a lasting design for your entire home.

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