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Industry Innovation – Aluminium Windows and Doors for 2020 and beyond

With 2020 just around the corner, we thought we would take a look at the latest ideas in architecture, home automation and design that we expect to see in the coming twelve months.

The theme of this year has really seen a focus on environmentally sustainable architecture and the relationship this has with how we live in our homes. For the coming year, this consumer commitment to sustainability looks to strengthen, with Governments looking to tighten industry standards further. 

Versalite Aluminium Windows & Doors for 2020

Energy Performance – Sustainable Construction

In 2020, this growing social awareness of all environmental impacts flows into building design and construction, with a push to improve the energy performance of buildings overall. Extending beyond just reducing the stress on the electricity network, and offering bill savings, the building industry will be encouraged to work towards a zero-carbon built environment. 

There will be a focus on using more sustainable construction materials and carbon-neutral building practices. Whether building new homes or renovating existing older buildings, social demand is to enrich them with a sense of sustainability. In rehabilitating old homes to provide a new usefulness, timber windows and doors are replaced with sturdy, durable aluminium frames. Older glass is being brought up to current standards too – providing increased comfort, thermal insulation and security. 

New construction is taking advantage of the increased availability and sustainable nature of metals. Aluminium, for example, is not only recyclable but an incredibly durable material with a very long life span. It is now commonly used for window frames, doors and screens. Steel-framed wall and roof trusses are increasing in popularity. These strong, durable and sustainable products provide many advantages in the construction of residential housing. 

Builders and homeowners are looking for materials that will stand the test of time, be almost maintenance-free and provide the style of architecture that enhances the Australian lifestyle. Watch this space as we continue to design and develop windows and doors for the Australian market that meet these needs. It is an exciting time to be in manufacturing!

Industrial Style in Building Architecture

Once the hallmark of the early 20th century, the industrial style of architecture continues to inspire the industry in 2020. Originating from a desire for efficiency, functionality and safety, our homes now contain a certain element of this “industrial chic.”

The use of aluminium, wood and iron all feature in the industrial style of architecture and can be seen in our modern Australian homes. Straight, unobtrusive lines provide the perfect backdrop for the Australian lifestyle – particularly when we have such gorgeous weather to look out at and views to enjoy. Aluminium framed windows are increasing in popularity due to their clean, simple lines and stylish design elements.

glass window in a kitchen for a better view outside

Minimalism and the Open Plan Concept

Using materials which provide minimalism and usefulness is the essence of sustainable construction for 2020. The course of minimalism in design and the open-plan concept result in economic savings as well as an environmental benefit for the homeowner. Throughout 2020 we expect to see a bias towards the use of quality materials that ensure thermal and acoustic insulation.

Such climate-responsive design practices will be a focus that extends beyond 2020. Open plan concepts of including outdoor living areas in houses so that residents can spend less time inside with the air conditioning on will continue to evolve. Builders and designers are incorporating interior louvres to define living zones and using building materials to segment spaces – all with a focus on minimalistic design.

Likewise, open-concept and multipurpose spaces are still the most sought after of lifestyle options for new homes. We will see designs combining living-dining, dining-kitchen, kitchen-terrace, and builders will use sustainable building materials to link the rooms. We expect to see the increased use of sliding doors, stacker doors and louvres, for example, which offer light, access and a definition of space.

Home automation and smart homes 

While there is definitely a greater emphasis on energy-efficient homes- the use of home automation to control temperature, light and security will continue to evolve into 2020. Using available technology to control the comfort and enjoyment of our living areas will extend throughout the year as home automation really takes hold across the industry. The uptake of smart in-home solutions for lighting and voice control devices such as the Google Home suite of products brings a new era of home connectivity to our lives.

As an example, at Versalite Windows we manufacture a range of louvres that can open automatically in line with the temperature of the room – you can learn more about this range here

We are proud to support the focus on sustainable architecture and building practices through our manufacturing processes. If you are looking for advice about aluminium window, door or screen selection, please get in touch with us

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