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Industry Compliance Window and Door Manufacturer in Australia

Before acquiring custom-made windows or doors, one thing you would want to be sure of is that the product complies with the local standards. At Versalite Windows, we take this as a top priority in manufacturing high-quality aluminium windows and doors. This explains why we have received consistent industry support from the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA). The accreditation guarantees you a 7-year warranty against faulty products.  

Window and Door Manufacturing Industry

The AGWA is the top industry association that represents over 1000 member companies ranging from window and glass manufacturers to merchants and machinery suppliers. The organisation only endorse manufacturers that produce sustainable, compliant, and fit-for-purpose products. We are Fully Compliant in these three award categories.

Versalite Windows has been designing and manufacturing windows since 1977 for the wider building industry. For over four decades, we have been researching to continually improve our best practices, and we have developed innovative windows and doors that supersede Australian standards. Our products are resilient to our country’s variable climate and sometimes unpredictable seasons, to keep your home comfortable regardless of the harshest of weather conditions.

Versalite Windows is AGWA Accredited

Why you need to choose Versalite Windows?

Custom Designs

To achieve the goal of having energy-efficient homes, we offer custom designs to all our customers. Our design and manufacturing team will come up with the exact design, colour, tint and overall configuration that you need in your new windows. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the stress that comes with choosing off-the-shelf windows. There is no “measurements panic” when you select Versalite — we have got you covered. All our products are manufactured to your requirements and will seamlessly suit your specific project.

100% Locally Made

We take pride in fact that all our products are designed, handcrafted , and assembled locally. Coupled with our local team of professionals, you can be sure that any window or door from us is 100% Australian and industry compliant.

Versalite Windows custom made in factory

How Long Does the Window and Door Manufacturing Process Take?

You deserve an aluminium window and door manufacturer who will partner with you throughout the project lifecycle till its envisioned completion. That’s precisely what our team is trained and committed to accomplishing.

After the order is received, we schedule the production process, which ranges from the necessary aluminium cutting to full assembly of the desired window or door. Finally, we do a thorough quality check to ascertain the final product is first-class. We then organise timely delivery of the finished products to your project site. 

Additionally, we work differently to other competitors. Throughout the production lifecycle we maintain regular communication with the site manager, builder, or the owner — to check and update on both the projects’ progress as well as our progress.

The average industry time to deliver custom-made windows and doors is usually about 6 weeks. With our experienced crew and state-of-the-art technology, our turnaround is reduced to about only a few weeks. We do this without compromising on quality or your desired designs.

Advantages of Aluminium Windows by Versalite

The Bottom-Line: Selecting custom-made aluminium doors and windows with guaranteed performance

You have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting custom-made windows or doors vs an off-the-shelf item. Custom-designed aluminium doors and windows offer a wide range of designs, colours, tints and configurations, along with excellent hardware choices. From cost-effectiveness, energy-efficient, low maintenance, attractive aesthetics, it is easy to see why many Australian residences choose aluminium windows and doors. Therefore, with our industry backed 7-year warranty, we are trusted by customers to deliver quality, high-performance windows and doors for their residential or commercial projects.

Ready to go? Wait no more! Request a quote or contact us to achieve your dream energy-efficient home with our wide variety of superior products.

AGWA Accredited for Safety is Certified to Versalite Windows
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