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How To Keep Aluminium-Framed Windows and Doors Looking Like New

It is natural for doors, windows and shower screens to gather dust and dirt over time, and aluminium-framed ones are no exception. Builders choose aluminium frames due to the fact they are long-lasting and low maintenance. But regular cleaning and maintenance are still essential to keep them looking their best and to avoid the need for repairs. This five-minute read offers all the guidelines on how you can keep your aluminium framed windows, doors and shower screens looking like new.

Maintain your aluminium doors and windows

In the contemporary building architecture of today, aluminium doors and windows continue to gain popularity. Due to its strength, an aluminium frame consumes less material to hold the glass. It allows for the creation of much bigger doors and windows, allowing architects and builders to create awe-inspiring designs. These and many other benefits are the reasons why the global market for aluminium doors and windows is expected to hit the $72.1 billion mark by 2021!

So if your builder has installed aluminium framed windows, shower screens or doors in your home, it is useful to know how to maintain them.

How to keep the aluminium frames clean and polished

aluminium frames looking new in a beautiful house

Keeping your windows, doors and their aluminium frames clean and sparkling is easy. 

  1. First, you need a hosepipe to douse the window or door frame with water.
  2. For the glass, there are many options from supermarket glass cleaning solutions, to old-fashioned home remedies of water and vinegar.
  3. You can use a special aluminium cleaner or a mild detergent solution for the frames. Remember to always wipe the frames with a damp cloth from top to bottom and rinse with clean water. 
  4. Complete the process by removing any remaining water with a dry cloth.
  5. Be careful of the protective layer and any powder-coating on your aluminium frames. Be sure not to scrub so vigorously that you damage the surface.


Tips to keep the aluminium frames looking like new

Aluminium offers many benefits. However, some areas that are exposed to moist environments like shower doors and shower screen frames will require extra care. So, how do you maintain your aluminium frames on windows and doors? Here is what to do:

  • Keep the tracks clean

Aluminium windows and doors have tracks that make them so easy to open and close. Over time, debris and dirt can accumulate. If left uncleaned, the cumulative effect could restrict the seamless movement of the sliding doors, making it hard to close or open.

Furthermore, clogging increases the chances of stains and corrosion. To get rid of the set-in dirt, you can use a vacuum cleaner. But avoid using sharp objects since they can scratch or damage the powder coating.

  • Wash the glass and the frames

Similar to tracks, the glass and frames will require equal attention in terms of cleaning. You should use a sponge or soft cloth alongside a mild detergent for this job. For shower screens, having a squidgy in the shower that can remove the water and any soap build-up can make weekly cleaning that much easier.

  • Clean and dry the awnings

Aluminium awning windows are the perfect choice when benches or furniture restricts access to the window. These awnings provide practicality and add to the home’s aesthetics. When cleaning awning windows, you must ensure that any solvent residues are carefully removed before letting them dry. Otherwise, you may end up with oxidation that causes staining.

  • Keep the hardware components lubricated

Hardware components used in entrance doors, front doors, french doors, and a range of glass doors and windows generally consist of locking mechanisms. You must lubricate the hardware components such as handles, locks, or keyholes with wet silicone spray. Notably, you need to pay attention to roller assemblies used in both sliding and folding doors. Also, it is crucial to apply generous quantities of lubrication to hinges and joints for smooth movement.

  • Repair damages instantly

The harsh reality of any new home is that, over time, your shiny new doors and windows will lose some of that initial glow. But you can preserve the durability, performance, and appearance by regular cleaning and maintenance. 

If you notice anything that requires replacement or repair, you should investigate further. For instance, damaged components in a double-glazed window could allow air and moisture in between the glasses. This would hinder its insulating power and facilitate oxidation and spotting. 

Depending on the cause, you could check the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your windows and doors are manufactured to meet the building standards in your area.

quality and durable window use in bedroom


Insist on quality and durable windows

One effective way of ensuring your windows last while maintaining their shine is by buying the best quality in the first place. Quality products like Versalite Windows guarantee you peace of mind. Firstly, we manufacture our windows, doors and shower screens to exceed Australian Standards AS1288, AS1170 and AS2047. Also, we provide full compliance with the window energy rating scheme across our entire range. 

From an aesthetic point of view, we have also won three Australian Design Awards. So with a little maintenance, you can be sure of long-lasting aluminium doors or windows throughout the Versalite range. 

If you want to keep your new home aesthetically pleasing and save on energy costs on heating or cooling, make sure you care for your aluminium doors and windows.

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