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High Quality Leads to Significant Savings

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As part of our vision to provide high quality windows and doors, we’ve continued to develop and test for quality and efficiency, enabling us to pass our annual Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) compliance audit.

This means Versalite Windows is a WERS accredited organisation helping consumers, specifiers and energy raters in the selection of the most energy efficient windows and doors for their home.

What does this mean for you? In short, we make products that are climate aware; working with your environment to reduce your energy use and improve your comfort during the year.

WERS approved products can be identified with a sticker attached to the inside top of the product, indicating its design performance with a simple star rating.

Versalite Windows AS2047 verified by a NATA accredited test laboratory

The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient your window, reducing green house emissions and energy costs. Single glazed products are often rated up to two stars, providing some efficiency. In contrast, Versalite’s double glazed options are rated at six stars across all ranges.

Based on your location, we can manufacture windows and doors for cooling, mixed and heating climates. As the names suggest, products for cooling climates heat buildings by limiting heat loss, while those for heating climates cool buildings by limiting heat gain. Mixed climate products offer efficiencies for the best of both worlds.

While there is a cost difference upfront between single and double-glazed ranges, this gap is quickly made up through ongoing energy savings.

Versalite Windows is a Certified Australian Standard Products

Achieving the accreditation means having products tested to Australian Standard 2047, including deflection, operating force, air infiltration, water infiltration and ultimate strength testing, which have to be tested in a NATA registered laboratory.

To assist consumers, the Building Code of Australia will only pass WERS rated products in building inspections and council approvals. It’s up to the consumer and specifiers to work with WERS accredited businesses to choose the best possible windows for their environment.

For more information about WERS products, click here or check out our range of accredited windows and doors.

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