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High Performance Glass Window Solutions in 2020

The High Performance Glass Windows or “Smart Glass” market is fast-growing, with a 14.6% increase in revenue annually. The continued growth of this market can be attributed to the changing demands when it comes to building and construction needs.

Modern-day construction attempts to provide home-owners with window solutions that cover the aspects of security, aesthetics, and home ambience. Thanks to technological innovation and the continued advancement in the nature of smart glass windows, this is achievable.

lounge room by will constructions high performance glass window solutions in 2020

High Performance Glass Window Solutions – This modern lounge area features sliding aluminium-framed glass stacker doors, fixed pane windows with complementing louvre windows to bring in the fresh air. Construction by Will Constructions.

5 Benefits of Smart Glass Windows

The first welcome advantage is that smart glass windows help you create a balance between getting natural lighting without compromising comfort. While being great for your health, productivity, and general well-being, some other perks include:

  • Eco-friendliness — Smart glass windows reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released out of buildings.
  • Cost-saving — since they cover the essence of blinds and shades, you get to save on window appliances.
  • Smart glass windows also contribute to saving energy.
  • Aesthetics — the fast-changing crystals have an allure that adds to the aesthetics of a building. There are smart glass window options for various settings. This means you get to pick different types based on the location and nature of the building. The glass blends seamlessly with multiple designs, hence, completing the vision you had for a space.
  • Privacy — smart glass windows are ideal for situations where you need to keep adjusting the visibility due to privacy. This makes them an excellent choice for conference and board rooms at the office.
  • Maintenance and use — the glass is easy to maintain and use. Some windows can be operated electronically.  Additionally, you can connect it to other smart home solutions, such as a virtual assistant. This makes the process of opening and closing them easier.
High Performance Glass Window-Solutions in 2020 bathroom by Will Constructions
Bathroom featuring smart glass products. Builder: Will Constructions – Northern Rivers Builder

How to choose the right performing  glass windows?

Windows are the cherry on top of the cake for your home or office. While their appearance is an essential consideration when installing some, the purpose of windows goes beyond that. Versatility is a crucial factor, especially for buildings with diverse designs and window space. You also need to focus on security. Download the latest in Smart Glass Solutions to see the range of solutions for your next project.

Smart Glass Window Solutions

With the numerous choices in the market, you should invest time in research. The internet has detailed guides on the best types and what makes them suitable for your situation. However, the best way to ensure you get the best solution is to seek input from professionals like Versalite Windows. Our recommendations are informed by experience, customer input, need-assessment, and your budget.

Feel free to contact us for the latest in high performing windows and doors. 

SmartGlass™ product of Versalite Windows

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