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Greater Security Exclusive to Versalite

Home security is a major factor when buying or building a house, which is why Versalite Windows is including their new Unbreakable Nylon Polymer Key Lock as a standard on all manufactured sliding windows.

Versalite Windows have designed and engineered the new nylon polymer window key locks to suit all double and single glazed windows with aluminium frames. Best of all, they are a standard across the range at no additional cost to customers.

Unbreakable Lock by Versalite Windows

Being made from a nylon polymer means they are virtually unbreakable; if someone wants access to your locked home without a key, they won’t be doing it quietly.
Each key lock has been engineered to achieve its ultimate strength, making them impact and shock proof. Heat stabilisation during the manufacturing process provides outstanding dimensional stability, high strength and high heat resistance. As such, each key lock is also flame retardant.
The new nylon polymer key locks are only available on all new manufactured Versalite sliding windows. During manufacturing, Versalite will key your locks to only two keys with your unique key number – one for windows and one for any screen and glass doors. This will make finding the right key easy and is another standard feature offered for your convenience at no additional charge.

Key locks are a must have item to protect your home, not just for peace of mind but also for lower premiums from most home insurers.

Protect your family, contents and your investment with smarter and stronger window locks for your home. Contact Versalite today to discuss setting a high standard for your home security.

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