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Good Staff Is the Success of Our Business

A small area of the Versalite Windows office

When it comes to designing, engineering, testing, production and selling of aluminium windows and doors our team is THE BEST. We have qualified, highly skilled, experienced staff working in all areas of our operation to ensure the very best, architectural design and produced aluminium windows and doors for you our valued customer and that’s why we have won three Australian Design Awards.

design flexibility in a mall by versalite

With the expertise of our team we are able to offer Design flexibility. There is a Versalite window design to suit any style of home from modern styles to the more traditional. Double hung windows offer great flexibility with top and bottom ventilation, while outward – opening Awning Windows provide good air flow even on rainy days. Arch Windows add that Mediterranean flavour and a classic look adding charm to any home. From sliding, awning, double – hung to bay windows there is a window design to suit your home.

Featured here is one of our factory managers Ross. Ross has had in excess of 24 years working with Versalite Windows Ross was a part of the original design team back in 1980 and has continued with the design and manufacture of aluminium products today.One of Ross’s recent design was the Versalite Slidemaster Stacker Door it was one of the first designs in Australia to incorporate a dual screen track with a dual glass door track all in the one section. Today the Versalite Stacker door is widely used and is very popular, another product featured here is a curved glass wall and a raked Louvre window and again Ross was the principal designer behind these products.

Versalite Windows would like to acknowledge Ross and all our staff’s contribution towards the continued growth and development of the company.

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