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Getting the Most Out of Your Windows

There’s more to glass windows than just letting in light and seeing the view. All glass products are rated on their energy efficiency, with specific types of glass, frames and materials influencing how they heat or cool your home.

Window and door frames are mostly manufactured out of aluminium or timber and play a major role in the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. It’s worth taking the time to investigate the right option for you and your location to ensure high performance, lower energy bills and added value to your home.

Our top three Energy Efficient Windows and Doors for summer cooling are:

Awning window double glazed with Energy Tech™ Glass

awning windows a view from outside of the house

Energy rating: 3-star cooling, 6-star heating
Window description: Weatherproof to suit the harsh Australian conditions, the Versalite Series 60 Awning Window controls ventilation with the simple movement of the sash. This window opens outward with a simple lever or winder, pivoting from the top of the frame for an uninterrupted view and elegant aesthetic.
Type of glass: 6mm Viridian Energy Tech™
Best application: Homes in hotter climates with high UV exposure. SuperGreyTM glass has a high solar control to reduce glare, reflection and faded interiors. Used in homes as well as hotels and medium sized office buildings.

Sliding window glazed with Comfortplus™

Night view of a house

Energy rating: 3-star cooling, 3-star heating
Window description: Opening horizontally, the window slides on a track with effortless movement. Often finished with a locking handle and spring action, Versalite sliding windows are easy to clean, weatherproof and have a unique, hidden drainage system.
Type of glass: 6.38mm Viridian Comfortplus™
Best application: Homes wanting greater airflow when open, or sound and UV protection when closed.

Double Hung window glazed with Comfortplus™

6.38mm Viridian Comfortplus™ window

Energy rating: 3-star cooling, 3.5-star heating)
Window description: A set of two vertically aligned windows which can slide down or up to control air flow from the top, bottom or together depending on your climate. Designed to meet the needs of Australians in all climates.
Type of glass: 6.38mm Viridian Comfortplus™
Best application: Homes requiring great ventilation control in all weather conditions.

To learn more about the right the right glass for your home, click here to follow the four steps to energy efficiency.

Contact Versalite Windows today on 02 6765 3222 to help identify the most energy efficient window for your home.

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