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Exhibitionists – This New Product Is Not for You

Barely-there shower screens are hugely popular in wet areas – but what about those of us who prefer a little privacy?

Versalite has some great news. We don’t need to be unfashionable. We don’t need to steam up the bathroom or shower in the dark to maintain our modesty – and we don’t need to hide behind a build-up of soap scum on glass either. YIK!

Versalite has added two exciting glass options to its customised product range.

The first is Viridian’s DecorSatin™ Design, high-quality translucent float glass available in a range of acid-etched patterns including a linen-like weave, raindrops and a barcode.

high-quality translucent float glass

Viridian’s new slumped glass offers a second textured option.

They’re subtly decorative options, says Versalite’s Luke Turner, upping the ante in bathroom design while maximising the natural wash of available light.

And these good lookers, Luke predicts, are unlikely to stay in bathrooms.

“Versalite sees great adaption of this new textured glass for room partitions as well as for windows where the view you have is one you’d prefer to obscure,” says Luke.

The new texturised Viridian glass – made to Australia’s demanding safety standards and available in 6mm and 10mm thickness – is now available at Versalite.

Watch out for the soon-to-be-revealed new looks in the Versalite showroom.

Worth noting: custom-made shower screens using the new texturised Viridian glass range takes a little longer than Versalite’s industry-leading 10-day turnaround.

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