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Energy Efficiency and Window Designs – Climate Control for New Home Constructions

Whether installing new windows in your newly constructed home or replacing old ones, you will realise considerable benefits from your endeavour. Going for energy-efficient windows is a prudent choice towards achieving an energy-efficient home. But how exactly do windows help you with this? Well. There are plenty of window designs and glass types that will improve energy efficiency.

Climate Control Energy Efficient Windows

How can you control climate for New Homes with Energy-Efficient Windows?

Do you know that windows account for 25% – 30% of heat gain and loss in your household? What matters now is the type of window frames and the glass type you choose to go with them. Therefore, it is vital to pick the most efficient windows that suit your climate and budget.

Energy-Efficient Windows Save Money

The right windows in your home can help cut the yearly costs on energy bills. These windows use the new framing and glazing materials available. This means that you will pay less for heating and cooling of your home — High performing windows will insulate your house during winter and reflect the excess heat during summer.

Energy Efficient Windows are Environmentally Friendly

Reduced use of any air-conditioning system in your home means reduced greenhouse gas emissions, therefore, supporting the global campaign of the call to conserve the environment and prevent global warming.

Viridian Smart Glass High Performance Windows
Viridian Smart Glass High Performance Windows

Types of Energy Efficient Windows

Double Glazing Windows

Two panes of glass are used in double-glazed windows. The gap between them acts as an insulating barrier that controls the rate at which heat enters and escapes your interiors.

High Performance Single Glazing

A low e coated single pane of glass with insulating technology. With high daylight transmission & solar control.

The type of glass you select is substantial in determining the insulating factors of the window and the window’s strength and safety. Viridian glass is not only energy-efficient but can also reduce the amount of noise penetrating your house significantly.

Gas-Filled Windows  – this is very similar to double glazing

The spaces between the window get filled with inert gases (argon, xenon, or krypton). These gases help keep the windows and frames at their optimum efficiency.


The choice of frames also has a significant impact on the insulating capacity of your windows. Apart from being energy-efficient, aluminium windows are cost-effective, low maintenance and offer a wide variety of design choices and styles.

remote control temperature settings of a smart glass windows

Tips on Window Selection

  • Look for the energy star and WERS labels.
  • Low-E coated glass are suitable in colder climates.
  • Go for low U-factor rated windows to keep warmth in your home during harsh winter weather. The U-factor measures the rate at which windows conducts non-solar heat current.
  • Low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) will help reduce heat gain in the sub-tropical climate of New South Wales, especially during summers. Aluminium frames installed with Viridian Glass have low SHGC. Hence, they are incredibly energy-efficient. SHGC is the degree of solar radiation that a window allows through it.
  • New South Wales enjoys a continuous sub-tropical climate. So, selecting windows with a low U-factor and low SHGC will help you moderate the weather changes throughout the year.

Your Choice – Custom Window Manufacturer

Custom-made Windows by Versalite Windows are energy rated and approved by the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS). All our products have the necessary references to give our customers a clear picture of the performance of different windows. We are also devoted to pursuing innovative ways to improve and exceed Australian standards.

Achieve the dream of an energy-efficient home by contacting us to manufacture your new windows.

Versalite Windows Showroom Energy Efficient Window and Door Designs

Visit our showroom to see our quality range of custom made windows, manufactured right here in New South Wales.

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