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Effective Window Design Solutions – Consider a Bold Statement With Black Window Frames

Aluminium framed windows and doors feature the perfect style to complement modern, contemporary and even country-styled homes. Homeowners, Building Designers and Architects are always looking for ways to add to the visual aesthetic of the home. In this feature project, the bold contrast of black-framed aluminium windows and doors are a great choice. 

Black aluminium framed sliding doors of a house

This absolutely gorgeous Glenmore display home was designed and constructed by Dunst Bros Builders

Let’s start with examining how you can use this bold design style for your new construction or your next residential window replacement project.

Contrasting Home Interior Ideas

Many homes already have matching window trim and sash colours. For these homeowners, a convenient way to create impressive curb appeal to a monotonous colour scheme is to install black framed, architectural windows and doors from Versalite. Aluminium residential windows with a black frame are quickly becoming a popular window choice for modern home exteriors. The look is both classic and timeless, but these windows have the uncanny ability to compliment any style home. 

A living room facing the tv with black panel windows and doors that illuminates the sunlight

Contrasting window frames will offer unlimited interior design options. The black-trimmed window panes will pair well and add contrast to the following:

  • To accentuate traditional, modern, or industrial-styled domestic interiors,
  • To counterbalance rooms dominated by light-coloured walls and furniture,
  • Dark window frames pair well with the full interior colour spectrum,
  • Using black adds just a touch of contrast that can help define interior spaces.

For this project, we utilised our Series 60 Awning Windows, which will allow the home to capture the natural airflow from the surrounding valley and provide a lovely vista of the rolling hillsides.

Our range comes in a wide variety of window styles including, awning, double-hung, and stacker doors. Versalite Windows products feature smooth operation and are fully compliant with all Australian Safety Standards and Building Code requirements. 

Perimeter Framed windows balance with the timber, brick and cladding

Make a Bold Exterior Statement with Window Design

Even from the exterior viewpoint, black windows make for a dramatic entrance and an even bolder external view. As seen in the entrance of this home, the stunning Perimeter Framed windows balance with the timber, brick and cladding – injecting a sense of welcome and a country feel.

Versalite's winner of front window selection

Aluminium framed windows and doors can serve as a complement to the personality and lifestyle of the homeowners. The visual excitement of a white house with black-frame aluminium windows is striking. But, you can also add to the contrast of a modern home. Adding custom designed, seamless, silicone-joined fixed windows to your project will allow you to capture the sunlight and the views. A win-win in our book!

Handmade windows by Versalite for the- Dunst Bros Builders Display

From the curb, a home with matching window frames can seem bare or conventional. Make an impressive entrance to your home. Aluminium black framed window choices are not only a modern design trend, but they can display the homeowners’ creativity and flair for inventive choices. 

Wide exterior view of Dunst Bros
Image courtesy of Dunst Bros Builders.

For decades, high-end architects have used windows with black frames because the distinct colour reinforces the architectural geometry of the home. Today, all styles of homes are benefiting from this successful design trick that is a unique way to highlight the residential architecture.

Window selection can not only impact the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, but windows also make a significant impact on the beauty and style of your home. Accessibility is important when linking the indoor and outdoor spaces. This is where our aluminium framed stacker doors are a perfect choice. Again, the balance of the interior colour scheme, the timber feature ceiling and stunning brick create an alluring alfresco zone for the lucky homeowner.

Exterior Barbecue Area of Dunst Bros

What to Consider When Choosing Windows

Your first step in window replacement or selecting residential windows for new construction is to partner with a window manufacturer that can supply a wide variety of window styles, including casement, double-hung, sliding, louvre, and breezeway louvre windows. Next, you want to consider window placement to increase these three important home comfort features:

  1. To give the most effective light infiltration.
  2. To allow for the best airflow and cross ventilation.
  3. To accentuate your home’s overall liveability.

This is where the Versalite Windows design really stands out. We can match your home’s architectural style with the right window choices, from Modern, Pre-Fabricated, Post-War, Bungalow, or Ranch, Versalite Windows have a design to suit your style.

Finally, you want to choose a window system that is built to last, keeping heated air in, and cold air out. Versalite Windows are quality windows with a rugged design. These aluminium windows are precision-engineered and fabricated to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation for many years. And when you consider the black, aluminium framed windows, you can expect a pop of excitement in both your home’s interior and exterior design.

Visit Versalite Windows online to view our extensive selection of windows, doors, and screens. And for more details on the display home featured in this article, visit their website here.

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