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Don’t Underestimate the Classic Style of an Awning Window

Choosing the most appropriate windows for your style and the architectural appeal of your home is one of the essential steps in building a new home. How can you ensure your planned house or your new home meets the design you love? 

Awning windows are one of the classic styles for window treatments. Awning windows blend perfectly with both traditional and modern architecture while their slimline appearance delivers a striking look. These exceptionally designed windows open out from the bottom (supported from the top hinges), offering exclusive cover to keep the rain out while allowing air to circulate freely into your room. 

Awning windows in bedroom

Why Choose Awning Windows?

Flexible Design

  • With the top hinges screened from the inside and fitted with a chain winder, awning windows offer you flexible design options. The chain winder allows you to open the window to the required amount, while also allowing the window to be locked in an open position.

Wide Application 

  • Awning windows are suitable in most areas that require a window to be open. Awning windows supersede other openable windows as they 
    • are one of the few style of windows which can be operated remotely via a wall switch,
    • can be placed higher up on walls,
    • can be located over the furniture, 
    • can be installed over benches but still allow easy access for opening and
    • can also guarantee top privacy in bathroom installations.
  • This design makes them highly appropriate in bathroom and kitchen applications.

They offer a Weatherproof Solution

  • Perhaps the most notable factor of awning windows is their capability to operate in different weather conditions. For example, when raining, they can still be opened without the fear of water entering your house at the same time, allowing excellent ventilation in such a condition.
Classic Awning Windows Style in Brick House

Advantages of Awning Windows

  • They are suitable for both modern-day and traditional-style homes. 
  • Their frame, colour, size, and placement determine their architectural effect.
  • Awning windows can be installed together with other types of windows without changing your architectural design. 
  • Awning windows can be placed higher on the wall than other types of windows. This factor assists the awning windows in capturing natural light and is perfect for freshening your home while maximising your wall space and preserving privacy.
  • Awning windows offer advanced security for your home. Their capability to be locked in an open position lets in the ventilation and lighting without compromising safety.
  • Awning windows provide better ventilation than sliding windows, double-hung windows, and sashless windows. This is because they reduce the sash size and maximise on the number of panels.
  • Fitted with a perimeter pressure seal, awning windows are capable of reducing noise, therefore, making them suitable for high wind locations. 
  • They provide improved insulation properties, making them a comfortable solution, particularly during summer.
  • Awning windows offer optimal thermal performance.
awning window by versalite
Classic Style of Awning Windows

Introducing Aluminium Awning Windows

At Versalite Windows, we offer a wide range of products that include incredible awning windows that will perfectly fit into your home design. With Australian homeowners now going for a variety of architectures, our new aluminium awning windows will provide you with an exemplary look, especially for your kitchen installation.

You can now install the new Versalite Series 60 awning windows that have been designed to match with the harsh Australian climatic conditions flawlessly. They are waterproof and provide cover for the interior from rain, dust, and wind. With the simple in –and– out sash, they are highly suitable for monitoring ventilation in your home. Awning windows provide a classic style, and Versalite Windows can custom make windows with options of design, colours, tints, configurations, and hardware. Contact Versalite Windows for these and more fantastic window styles for your home.

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