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Custom-Made Windows to Your Exact Requirements

Choosing the best windows for your home or commercial building requires careful consideration of many different factors. In addition to ensuring they are the right size, other factors need deliberation. Consider the initial and long-term costs, energy efficiency, as well as windows that complement the building’s architecture. We all want our windows to be aesthetically pleasing and magnify the overall appeal of our space.

With so many factors to consider and evaluate when choosing windows, determining the right manufacturer is critical. At Versalite Windows, our windows are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent safety and design specifications, while being practical, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the decision process.

Versalite Aluminium Window Manufacturing

Custom Windows v. Stock Windows

When it comes to choosing the best windows for your application, one of the first decisions you must make is whether to purchase stock windows or custom-made windows designed to meet your specifications. Evaluating the differences between these two types of windows can help to save you both time and money.

Stock Windows

Stock windows are pre-built windows manufactured in “standard” sizes, which vary by manufacturer. You may think stock windows seem like a logical choice because they are readily available. However, it may be challenging to find an adequate quantity of the size window you require with the specifications that you want.

Purchasing stock windows means that they may have to be stored at a job site until they are needed, exposing them to damage and loss if unforeseen conditions cause construction delays. Stock windows may seem less expensive, but if additional carpentry work is involved with the installation, the extra time and labour costs can add to the expense.

Custom-Made Windows

Custom windows are built to fit the exact measurements of your window opening, saving time and money by eliminating any surprises during the installation process. Custom-made windows enable you to choose the style, shape, and colour of the window you want. Custom means that you can make your windows unique with design choices of glass, grid, and hardware styles to create the look you want. 

Custom made in factory by Versalite Windows

The Benefit of Aluminium Window Frames

Architects, builders and homeowners value aluminium window frames for their overall strength, beauty, and lasting value. The rigidity and durability of aluminium make it ideal for the design of thinner frames which maximise views while making them an architectural design element of the building.

Architects and designers appreciate the versatility of aluminium because it is easy to work with, enabling them to design windows that accentuate the architecture of a building. For a bespoke installation, custom-made windows will be specified by your architect. Choosing a manufacturer who can provide the turnaround time to suit your project will be imperative to the build of your home.

Aluminium windows are popular with homeowners because they are affordable, long-lasting, and require a minimal amount of maintenance. Unlike other materials, aluminium windows won’t warp, rot, or rust and never need to be painted. Aluminium windows are an affordable solution that is durable and one of the leading choices when it comes to energy-efficient windows.

Custom-Made Aluminium Windows From Versalite Windows 

At Versalite Windows, we manufacture our custom-made aluminium windows to the highest standards. We have built our reputation on manufacturing affordable and practical products. We have received three Australian Design Awards for the manufacture and design of affordable and functional window solutions for the Australian Building Industry.

Versalite Windows is the premier custom aluminium window manufacturer in New South Wales. Our custom-made windows are found in projects ranging from small homes and multifamily projects to custom homes and commercial applications. We have built our reputation on providing exceptional service with turnaround times of as short as ten days and offering the highest quality aluminium windows available..

To learn more about custom-made aluminium windows from Versalite Windows, or to request a quote for your project, contact us today.

Custom made dark aluminium frames
Created double glazed windows
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