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Building Outdoor Privacy – Screentech Aluminium Privacy Screen and Fencing Systems

Building outdoor privacy for your home is an important consideration when designing outdoor landscaping and living areas. You have so many options when it comes to creating stylish backdrops for your BBQ area and garden beds. What about hiding away unsightly areas like bins, water tanks and other common garden structures like the gas mains!

Defining the landscape and creating stylish boundaries for your home can actually be easily achieved when you know what products to use. Looking through well-designed dwellings, it is always the street appeal and outdoor areas Australians are drawn to. We love a good BBQ and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, so having an aesthetically pleasing outlook adds to our enjoyment of the space.

With so many considerations for fencing and privacy, understanding the pros and cons of your available product choices will help you to make more informed decisions, hopefully allowing you to spend more time enjoying and less time maintaining.

screentech feature by versalite

Aluminium Fencing & Screens for Australian Conditions

Traditional fencing such as timber, unfortunately, does not stack up to the Australian conditions. With constant exposure to sun and humidity, maintaining the appearance of your fencing and privacy screens can be a maintenance nightmare. No one likes maintenance – and timber can be a constant battle with the elements. For wooden fences – tasks such as restaining, sanding, and repainting wood or replacing slats and posts all take valuable time.

Steel panels were growing in popularity a few years back. However, just like timber, steel has its limitations. Steel panels tend to suffer from rust, particularly when your home is situated close to the beach. Therefore, many homeowners are moving away from timber and steel to more “maintenance friendly” solutions.

The alternative to these traditional fencing solutions has seen the explosion of aluminium fencing and privacy screens. The variety, durability and maintenance of aluminium screens are truly superior – providing an easy choice for both building designers, builders and homeowners alike.

Appealing and Low Maintenance

Using high-quality aluminium, you can be assured that your privacy screen, fencing, and gates will look fantastic for many years to come. It doesn’t get better than aluminium for low maintenance, durability in Australia’s harsh climate, and a large variety of design choices to suit every need.

Screentech Fencing and Privacy Solutions

Enter Screentech

Our local residents love the variety and durability of Screentech Aluminium Fencing and Screening Solutions. Just as the name suggests, these Australian-made aluminium products really do provide a solution to the needs of homeowners who are interested in both a decorative and practical fencing option.

Screentech Aluminium Privacy Screen and Fencing Systems are ideal for residential and commercial applications. They are both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. The design allows for you to indulge your imagination – creating clean lines with the fixings concealed completely.

They also allow for any “out of square” adjustment, meaning they can be quickly and easily installed. You can easily fix the screens to existing structures or inground posts, creating an amazing result every time.

The design flexibility suits the contemporary styling of new homes, enhancing the finished look and appeal of new builds. The products are available in a range of colours and can be manufactured to builder’s specifications, providing an extensive range of configurations and applications.

Before Screentech Fence Installed
House prior to Screentech Fencing
House after Screentech Fencing Installed
House after Screentech Fencing Installed

Screentech Advantages:

  • Complete design flexibility – with various slat sizes, you can have them installed either vertically or along horizontal planes.
  • Various applications – Screentech can be used for Privacy Screens, Fencing Solutions, Decorative Fence Panels, Sun Shades, Awnings and Gate Systems.
  • Structural integrity: manufactured using the highest quality Australian Aluminium and to Australian Standards.
  • Australian made – Of course!
  • Low maintenance – corrosion-resistant and virtually maintenance-free, Screentech only requires minimal cleaning with a soft brush and warm water.
  • Extensive colour selection – Powder Coat and Anodised finishes. The system will not fade or require repainting or staining, as is the case with high maintenance timber products. Your imagination is the only limitation on colour selection.

With Screentech, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are wanting to define landscapes and pathways, creating stylish low maintenance boundaries, or adding a sense of privacy to your yard, Screentech is a solution that will remain in excellent condition for many years to come. You can even take them inside – you can create beautiful indoor privacy screens and artwork for your walls as well.

Contact your sales team at Versalite Windows to discuss the design possibilities for your fencing and privacy project.

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