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Apptivate Makes Climate Control a Breeze for Louvres

breezway louvre windows in a house that the outside can be viewed

We’ve always manufactured and associated ourselves with high quality products, which is why Breezway is now our preferred supplier for all louvre window supplies.
All Breezway louvres are fully customisable to suit your home, lifestyle and budget. As you would expect, you can customise the frame and blade construction, security measures, colour options and handle types, but where it really gets exciting is the option to include a concealed motors and touch sensitive Apptivate control unit with Bluetooth connectivity.
The Apptivate control unit connects with a free app on your smartphone, making it the most convenient way to maintain the temperature in your home. Simply connect to your unit within 20m of the control box and you can open and close your louvres, set a timer to capture the best weather or automatically monitor the ambient temperature to control your indoors climate.

This is a convenient option for large and out-of-the-way windows such as those on a second floor without easy access. By taking advantage of the automation systems, the louvres will automatically adjust to maintain a comfortable temperature, reducing the need for power hungry air conditioning systems.

Breezway louvres complement the current range of high quality windows and doors available from Versalite with colour and finish options matching Breezway products to ensure consistency throughout the home.

As with all Versalite window options, all Breezway louvres are WERS energy rated to suit our varied climate. This is partially due to the window’s ability to open twice as wide as other windows, allowing natural light and ventilation coupled with a tight seal due to the patented ‘living hinge’ and drainage channel design.

Breezway stand by their products, offering a seven year warranty on their entire Altair louvre range. They are rigorously tested against cyclic, salt spray, extreme temperature, humidity and electromagnetic compatibility, and are cyclone rated for wind and water.

Breezway manufacture a wide range of louvre windows from glass, aluminium and timber blades, with options to suit both residential and commercial installations. We’ve already supplied a large number of Breezway louvres with an excellent response to both the window quality and the new Apptivate bluetooth option.

All Breezway louvre products are tested in accordance with AS2047 ‘Windows in Buildings’ and are available from Versalite Windows. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote.

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