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How To Keep the Heat Inside This Winter

In winter months, homeowners are always looking for ways to save on energy costs while keeping themselves and their family warm and comfortable inside.

Many times, one of the weak points of a home’s heating/cooling system is its windows. During cold seasons, hot air will often escape through the windows; and during the warmer months, the opposite occurs, and heat will seep into the house via those same windows.

Lightbridge double glazing

Viridian’s LightBridge™ range provides superior insulation by limiting the transfer of hot or cold air through windows. This keeps your home at a comfortable temperature reducing the need for air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter. LightBridge™ also allows you to enjoy larger windows without compromising on your home’s comfort levels or energy efficiency, giving you the freedom to open up your living spaces to an abundance of natural light and views.

The benefits of Double Glazed Windows

However, your windows don’t have to be constant air leaks. Many homeowners have installed double glazed windows in their residences, and have seen significant improvements in insulation, energy efficiency, and comfort.

You may wonder, though: “What exactly is double glazing? How effective is it?” The following information will answer those questions.

Double glazing window in progress

What is double glazing?

Put simply, double glazing is a type of window system that involves two layers of glass separated by a middle layer of insulating material. The middle layer, also known as a spacer, is filled with a still layer of gas or air, as well as a desiccant material around the edges to absorb moisture. Once double glazed window units have been sealed shut, they become airtight. This means that the middle layer of gas or air acts as a permanent insulator for your window.

double glazed windows created by versalite
a pile of double glazed windows by versalite

The benefits of double glazing

There are several benefits that double glazing can bring to your home. Here is a list of just a few of those benefits:

  • Improved insulation.  The additional thermal resistance that a double glazed window’s middle layer provides helps to trap warm air in your rooms during winter. During summer, it has the opposite effect: it keeps hot summer air outside of your home.
  • Higher energy efficiency. Research has shown that double glazing could reduce your home’s heat loss by over half. That means that your heating and/or air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard, which will save you some serious money on your power bill in the long term.
  • Increased comfort. Standing or sitting near a hot window during summer, or a cold window during winter can cause some discomfort. The extra insulation that double glazed windows provide helps to reduce or even eliminate those fluctuations in temperature so that you won’t catch a chill or get overheated.
  • Effective noise insulation. One of the most practical advantages that double glazed windows offer is a reduction in noise level that comes from outside the home. Double glazed units are especially effective at reducing sounds in the medium to high-frequency range, such as human voices. For maximum acoustic control, some builders install units with a wider middle layer than the standard 10 to 20 mm range. This wider gap serves to reduce outside noise even more than standard units do, which is perfect for many urban applications.

Double glazing installation

While many benefits come from double glazing, it is essential that double glazed units are correctly installed. For example, double glazed windows that are not properly sealed will not be completely airtight. 

Double glazing can make your house more energy-efficient, make your rooms more tranquil, and make you and your family more comfortable. If you are interested in taking advantage of the many benefits of double glazing, explore our extensive catalogue of windows and other products at Versalite Windows, or reach out to us today for more information.

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