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Australian Window and Glass Association Performance Guaranteed

The team at Versalite Windows are proud to announce we have received our 2019 – 2020 Certificate of Audit Compliance from the Australian Window and Glass Association (AWGA).

As Australian window and door manufacturers, this is hugely important for us and our industry. So why are we so excited? We have built our business on manufacturing products based on years of extensive research and development Providing accredited high-quality, low-maintenance windows and doors, backed by a six-year manufactures warranty makes us super proud!

So how does this compliance help you – our customer?

Certificate of Audit Compliance certified to Versalite Windows, NATA Accredited Inspection Agency

Guaranteed Performance

Our windows and doors perform consistently across the harshest conditions Australia has to offer. The Australian Glass and Window Association only “endorses compliant, sustainable and fit-for-purpose products.” Versalite Windows’ products exceed the minimum performance requirements of all relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.

We continuously strive to engineer and develop products with unique features that enhance style while maintaining conformity and compliance.  Our continuous development process provides for complete consistency across the manufacturing process. So you are guaranteed performance!

The Compliance Certificate also allows us to guarantee our products against faulty workmanship and materials for a period of six-years! This is subject to correct installation and product maintenance. Provided you follow your maintenance schedule, you have complete peace of mind that our products are as great as we say they are!

AWA Six Year Guarantee

Design Capability

Although we are a manufacturing business, we still need to have a strong sense of engineering prowess and eye for design. Our manufacturing processes and procedures continue to ensure that during the ‘creative process’ nothing is missed.

We engineer our products using 3D modelling to solve problems effectively and efficiently. We aim to ensure each window and door we design and manufacture will be of high quality, compliant and aesthetically pleasing.

Strong Team

To ensure continued compliance, we break down our business processes, services and products to achieve the requirements of the certification. This method helps us identify and strengthen ourselves as a company.

As a team, we can communicate all aspects of our business to our clients. This means we can manufacture products to not only meet the client’s stated requirements but exceed their expectations as well.

National Recognition

At Versalite Windows, achieving a national standard for quality is one of our main priorities. Australian consumers must have access to high quality, endorsed locally-made products.

As our client, we guarantee your window and door requirements will be met with nationally recognised accreditation and a strong brand. With offices located in Tamworth and Lismore, we have come a long way to get to where we are. We strive to provide builders, home renovators and consumers with quality products they will love and trust.

AGGA Certificate of Audit Compliance Silver given to Versalite Windows

Continuous Improvement

National standards of compliance continue to be raised, year in and year out. We embrace the challenges of manufacturing products that adhere to these technical and regulatory standards.

For us at Versalite Windows, the benefits of this continuous improvement program provide:

  • consumers with better outcomes in terms of quality, safety, and energy-saving designs,
  • protection of consumer rights through increased warranty protection, and
  • peace of mind – knowing we can meet productivity requirements and delivery times for the industry.

The AWGA certification encourages us to continue taking stock of what we do and how we do it.  We are incredibly proud of our great work and customer satisfaction. If you would like to know more about our products, or how windows and doors can create beautiful homes, check out our catalogue. Contact us for any additional information.

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