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Answering the Call for Bushfire Safety

Bushfire in Australia

Australia is no stranger to natural disasters, with some of our most devastating bushfires on record being experienced in the last decade.
Considering our locations and chance of bushfires, Versalite is now supplying all windows and doors with fire retardant glazing channels. This provides us with the correct glass and screening selections we need in order to comply with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) up to and including BAL 40.
Best of all we’re doing it at no extra cost to our customers. Our BAL 40 windows and doors are the same price as our previous standard residential products, meaning you get a higher quality upgraded product and greater peace of mind for the safety of your family.
Complying to the BAL standards greatly increases your homes’ chance of surviving a bush fire attack. A BAL 40 rated window or door has a non-combustible frame and a minimum of 6mm glazed toughened safety glass. This protects a home and its occupants from increasing heat flux and the likelihood of exposure to flames. They will also will defend against increasing levels of ember attacks and burning debris ignited by windborne embers.
Our hot and dry climate can spark a bushfire at any time so we are doing our part to help minimise the risk for our customers and increase the safety of their homes.

For more information about installing BAL ratings or fire retardant products in your home, contact the team at Versalite Windows today.

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