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A Breath of Fresh Air – The Advantages of Louvre Windows

Louvre windows have long been viewed as a simple, beautiful solution in warm climates. These aesthetically appealing and pragmatic windows look gorgeous paired with virtually any architectural style. As a bonus, they go a long way in keeping the rain at bay once the humid season rolls around.

Many homeowners don’t understand just how beneficial louvre windows can be once temperatures start to soar. Boiling, hot summers typically translate to high energy bills, stuffy homes, and a great deal of discomfort. Opting for these innovative windows instead of their traditional counterparts can help mitigate some of these issues and lend your home a breath of fresh air this summer.

Louvre windows is a good benefit when it comes to boiling, hot summers

What are Louvre Windows?

The chances are that you have seen louvre windows in a friend or acquaintance’s home. They’re comprised of parallel slats that run across the window horizontally. With the slats closed, they rest flush against the window’s frame; once opened, the slats sit ajar, at an angle.

This angular position helps bring fresh air and sunlight into your home without running up your energy bill. The slats’ design also helps keep harsh, hot direct sunlight out of your living space when they ‘re open at an angle. This contributes to cooler indoor temperatures without needing to sacrifice natural light.

louvre windows perfect for the bathroom

The advantages of Louvre Windows

  1. Easy passage of air and light

These are perhaps the most obvious (and beneficial) benefits that louvre windows present. They allow homeowners to experience natural sunlight without the consequence of harsh, full-on sun, like typical windows. Louvre windows can also help promote circulation and airflow throughout your household, leaving the space feeling fresh even in warmer temperatures.

Because louvre window slats open across the entirety of the windows ‘ width, homeowners can achieve maximum airflow with ease. Trying to achieve this degree of circulation through a combination of standard windows and fan systems is less effective and much more complicated.

  1. Cut down on cooling costs.

Louvre windows rely on natural ventilation to help keep your home feeling fresh and cool. That means that you will run up your energy bill much more slowly. Your building designer or architect can also customise these windows to meet your home’s specifications. Some have the capacity to rest partially open when the surroundings call for it. If you know where you need more flexibility when it comes to light and circulation control, opting for these specialised louvre windows may be able to help you cut costs even more.

Altair Louvre Windows placed to help capture stunning views
  1. Provide an automated solution to ventilation and temperature control.

Traditional windows must be opened and closed in the conventional sense – either by sliding open or pulling the windows into place. With Louvre windows, you have the opportunity to take your windows into the world of automation.

For areas where customers require an automated solution to ventilation, our Powerlouvre range can solve all of your requirements.  Remote opening and closing of your louvre windows is now available. Powerlouvre Windows and the Apptivate Control Unit can take care of your home’s internal temperature automatically.

Utilising a low voltage, concealed motor, your windows can be automated with a touch control pad and set up with Bluetooth capability.  You can also manage the home’s temperature using the automatic, in-built temperature sensor and timer controls. Never before has a window range been able to automatically open and close to control the temperature of the room.

  1. Perfect for above ground level window options.

Louvre windows are the perfect choice for above ground window openings. Not only can you ensure your children are safe, louvres can also maximise the ventilation of the home by capturing the natural airflow. Louvre windows can be completely customised to meet your needs, with the ability to open twice as wide as any other window type. You can turn off the air conditioning and take advantage of the breeze to keep your family comfortable.

A big house in the forest uses louvre window
  1. Simple straightforward maintenance.

Traditional windows become dirty quickly and can prove to be a pain to keep clean. What should be a simple matter of upkeep can quickly turn into a day’s worth of chores. If you have to circle the entirety of your home, inside and out, just to get your windows clean, you’re tossing out time and effort that could be spent elsewhere.

That’s why louvre windows offer a breath of fresh air in more ways than one. They can help cut down on the time your household members spend fighting to keep windows clean. All you have to do is tilt the slats open 180 degrees and you’ve got the freedom to clean both sides of the glass.

  1. Stylish and versatile.

Looks aren’t everything, but they sure do count for a lot. You deserve to feel great about the way your home looks –a set of louvre windows could help you get there. Regardless of your home’s interior and exterior design style, these windows will fit into your home like it was built to hold them. Homeowners can also select from various sizes and styles to suit their personal design preferences. At Versalite, our louvre window range offers the choice of glass, metal and timber blades. We also have a wide range of colour choices to match the style of your home.

Louvre windows in front of the house

If you’re interested in integrating louvre windows into your home living space, contact your builder about Versalite Windows today. Since 1977, our Australian-owned and operated brand has made waves in the building and design industries. Don’t believe us? Just check out our three Australian Design Awards. No matter your budget or space, we’ll work with you and your builder to help craft an interior look you will love.

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