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Advancements in Technology – Automation with Breezway’s Powerlouvre Windows

These days, everything seems to be getting smarter, including windows and doors. As a builder, you’ve probably received requests for Powerlouvre window installations. But, have you ever taken a moment to wonder how these smart windows work and why they are getting more popular in New South Wales?

outdoor view through breezway louvres from bath tub

How Automated Powerlouvre Windows Work

The functioning of Powerlouvre windows is akin to that of light bulbs. You can control a light bulb by wiring it to a switch affixed on a wall. Moreover, it can get incorporated into a smart system, which turns it on and off when motion is sensed.

Similarly, Powerlouvre windows are designed to open when connected to a 24V DC power source. They can either be controlled using an open and close switch, or get incorporated into more complex switching systems that operate them in response to timers, switches, and sensors. When connected to these complex systems, the windows will, for instance, open or close when you enter a room.

Benefits of Powerlouvre Windows

More people are building smart homes that incorporate different technology features, such as automation. Here’s why many homeowners are opting for these windows:

  • Ease of Operation

The idea of living in a home that has been programmed to automatically open and close its windows sound’s appealing to many people. Powerlouvre windows such as those that are designed by Breezway can be operated via smartphone, thus allowing homeowners to open or close them remotely. They can also set their windows to open or close automatically at specific times, thus maintaining a comfortable temperature.

  • Optimal Air Quality

Everyone wishes to have fresh air in their homes at all times. When fully open, Powerlouvre windows ensure up to 90% natural ventilation. These windows also close tight, thus ensuring unmatched water and wind performance. They also come in a variety of glazing options to match homeowners’ needs. The windows’ energy ratings attest to their compliance with the Building Code.

  • Flexibility

Powerlouvre windows can get incorporated into different design applications such as floor-to-ceiling windows. These windows are up to 2.7 meters high, which makes them suitable for different architectural designs. Single and dual models are also available based on individual requirements.

Smart Window Automation and Design

With smart windows increasing in popularity, there’s no reason for excluding them from your construction projects. At Versalite Windows, we source our Powerlouvre windows from Breezway, and this enables us to provide you with high-quality and customised windows that meet your clients’ needs.

Contact us to learn more about our range of Window and Door applications for your next project. If you are looking for a quote, why not get in touch with us through our handy request a quote page. We would love to work with you on your next project.

A maximize view of louvre and fixed glass windows
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