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A Guide to Louvre Windows

Among the many products we offer at Versalite Windows, one that is definitely growing in popularity with home builders and renovators is louvre windows. These windows consist of a series of horizontal panels fitted into a window frame that allows said panels to be tilted open at a range of angles or sealed shut. There are several reasons why an increasing number of people are choosing louvre windows for their apartments and houses, which we’ll now examine.

Wider Opening

Louvre windows open wider than regular windows – up to twice as wide. This means they provide maximum airflow for the adjacent room(s), whether for cooling purposes, to allow steam to escape from a kitchen or bathroom, or just to let some fresh air into the abode. This wider opening also makes louvre windows easier to clean, since it’s possible to reach both sides of the panels from inside the home. This is especially handy for windows above the ground level.

More Design Choices

Louvre windows are available with glass, metal or wood panels. They also come in an array of different colours. Combine these varieties of materials and shades and you’re looking at more design options than would be available with regular windows. At Versalite Windows, our preferred supplier of louvre windows is Breezway, which means even more choices for customising the size and shape of your louvre windows, as well as fitting them into your budget.

Proven Quality

The Breezway louvre windows we use at Versalite Windows have been tested against everything from extreme temperature and sea salt build-up to cyclonic winds and electromagnetic compatibility. They comply with the AS2047 safety standard covering “Windows and external glazed doors” in Australian buildings. Then there are the many happy customers who will tell you how much they prefer their new louvre windows to regular ones…

Motorised Option

Along with fitting manually operated Breezway louvre windows, Versalite Windows also installs their Altair® Powerlouvre® motorised louvre windows. Rather than being opened/closed by hand, these windows are powered by a low-voltage, energy-efficient motor discreetly hidden inside the window frame.

To operate Powerlouvre® motorised windows, the user merely enters commands on the control panel or an app on their mobile phone – the latter making it possible to adjust the windows remotely, e.g. cooling the place down just before you arrive home from work. Alternatively, you can put your Powerlouvre® motorised windows onto a regular timer. Or, even better, program them to adjust the angle of the panels based on the current temperature, so as to keep the adjacent room(s) at a constant even temp.

Interested in Louvre Windows?

Established in 1977, Versalite Windows is a proudly Australian owned and operated business that has become a leading supplier to the building industry. No job is too big or small for our experienced team, who pride themselves on sourcing materials locally wherever possible and on delivering 100% customer satisfaction. To contact us, please call (02) 6765 3222, email or use the online contact form located here.

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