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A Guide to Gas Strut Awning Windows

If you’re looking for windows in the Tamworth area that have something special, one of the most distinctive of the top-quality products offered by Versalite Windows is the gas strut awning window.

What are Gas Strut Awning Windows?

These amazing awning windows open all the way up to a 90-degree position, making them perfect for the private kitchens of those who love to entertain or commercial serveries adjacent to outdoor eating areas. Indeed, they are sometimes called gas strut servery windows. They operate by means of a gas-strut mechanism that, once the window is unlocked and given a gentle push, smoothly raises it to the fully open position.

What Sizes of Gas Strut Awning Windows are Available?

Those looking for windows in and around Tamworth will be please to know that Versalite Windows can supply gas strut awning windows up to 1.2m in height and 2m in width. These are available with either single or double glazing. They’ve also been tested to meet the relevant AS2047 safety standard.

For more information about the opening dimensions of these particular Versalite awning windows, please see our product catalogue.

Why Choose Gas Strut Awning Windows?

Whether you’re installing one of these windows in a Tamworth-region home/eatery/bar or somewhere else in Oz, they provide a number of benefits:

  • An unobstructed view without the vertical lines of traditional windows.
  • Maximum natural airflow (a big bonus for those working in the kitchen!).
  • Maximum use of the available window space for serving food or drinks, and placing typical counter items, e.g. small signs, cutlery bins, napkin dispensers.
  • A unique look guaranteed to add style to the home or business.
  • Also a way of adding value to a property, due to its extreme practicality – not to mention the fun factor in a private setting.
  • Reliable, easy-to-use opening mechanism.
  • No track required in the benchtop under the window, but gas strut awning window still sits flush when closed.
  • In the closed position, it does the same job as an ordinary fixed window – so you get the best of both worlds.

Are Gas Strut Awning Windows Expensive?

Considering the advantages (see above) that they have over other window solutions, gas strut awning windows are not expensive. In fact, many would argue that you can’t put a price on the convenience and space-saving associated with these windows, e.g. compared to bi-fold servery windows.

On top of everything else, gas strut awning windows are solidly built and can be styled to match the surrounding windows in your dwelling or commercial establishment.

Ready to Order a Gas Strut Awning Window?

Established in 1977, Versalite Windows is a proudly Australian owned and operated business that has become leading supplier to the building industry. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team, who pride themselves on sourcing materials locally wherever possible and delivering 100% customer satisfaction. To enquire about our range of highest-quality, competitively priced products, you can call (02) 6765 3222, email or use the online contact form here.

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