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7 Great Reasons To Choose Versalite Windows

Buying new or replacement windows and doors that are right for your home or business can be a daunting and often frustrating task. With the multitude of window choices available, avoiding misleading information will result in you making a confident purchase decision. So, if you are wondering what to look for in a window manufacturer, this article will provide you with all the information you need.

Animated house, windows and doors by Versalite Windows

At Versalite Windows, we’ve identified what makes a reliable and trustworthy product through more than 40 years of window manufacturing. 

1.   Value for Money

Australian Design Award Three Times Winner to Versalite Windows

When shopping around for windows and doors, expensive does not always equate to value. Don’t confuse a higher price tag with superior performance. The same applies to lower-priced choices. They may appear an attractive option, to begin with, but you need to ask yourself – will these items stand the test of time? Will they end up costing more in the future? You don’t want to have to replace your window every few years. Purchasing an inferior product due to its low-price tag is certainly not value for money.

At Versalite, our products have received three Australian Design Awards for what the design council of Australia described as “good value for money.” So you can be assured that the price you pay equates to the value, longevity and durability of our products. 

2.   Performance Tested

A logo of Window Energy Rating Scheme

New windows and doors should provide a stylish safeguard to your home or business, protecting your family and visitors from intruders and bad weather. Make sure that performance and maintenance are high on your list of considerations when looking at the various products available.Any window you choose should be performance tested and rated by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).

So when you see that WERS label on your new windows – you can have confidence that the windows have been tested and rated for energy efficiency.
Many factors go into the WERS rating, and you can check the window manufacturers product ratings on the WERS website. For heat insulation abilities, look at the U-factor measurement for how well a product prevents heat from escaping. “The lower the U-value, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value.”

3.   Tested & Glazed to exceed Australian Standards 

Tested to comply with Australian Standards

When making important buying decisions, research is essential. When buying a car, you will consider the quality, cost of ownership and reliability of the vehicle. These considerations will be driven primarily by your research and opinion of the car manufacturer, and your confidence in their ability to meet the manufacturing standards.

The same research should apply to your window manufacturer. Are you spending your money on a quality product? Does this product meet Australian Standards? The standard you are looking for with any window manufacturer is that they at least meet Australian Standards AS2047. And for glazing, the Australian Standard to look for is AS1288.  

4.   Australian Made

Australian Made Icon

Windows, doors and glass are manufactured all over the world. The various manufacturers need to meet a variety of different standards, and compliance with one set of criteria may not translate into the product being suitable for the Australian climate.

At Versalite Windows, our products are both designed and manufactured in Australia to exceed Australia’s strict standards. We are proud to employ Australian workers and to produce quality products guaranteed to perform.

5.   Low Maintenance Aluminium

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Consider the long-term performance and maintenance issues when you are doing your research. Choosing a durable material such as Aluminium will keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Servicing aluminium windows is cheaper than the alternate timber option. To learn more read our article on How to keep Aluminium framed doors and windows looking like new

6.   Focus on style

Australian Design Award Three Times Winner to Versalite Windows

The type of windows and doors you choose actually matters. Learn about the various styles available. Would a double-hung window be the best solution and a safer option for your children’s bedroom? Are stacker doors best suited to link your new patio with the kitchen?

If you are replacing an old window, consider a long-lasting window and base your choice on material, style, efficiency and maintenance. Purchasing an identical window to the replacement one may be a mistake. Perhaps there is a better fit for your home’s design. Could the replacement window offer improved functionality for your needs?  Would choosing a more durable material be a better option, providing reliability and longevity?

Versalite manufacture a variety of window styles with various benefits across the spectrum of building needs. Check out our product catalogue to see the specifications available. We can also custom manufacture to your needs where required.

7.   Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty shield logo

The final piece of the puzzle comes down to warranty. After all, this is your little piece of assurance that the manufacturer stands by their product claims.

Look for businesses that offer long-lasting warranties to protect your investment.We offer 6- year warranties on our Versalite Windows products.

Make the right choice

Versalite Windows accredited company by AGWA

At Versalite Windows, we have been a member of the Australian Glass and Window Association for more than 15 years. We design, manufacture and supply individually engineered, high-quality aluminium doors, windows and shower-screens based on exceeding industry standards.

Make Versalite a part of your next home build or renovation project and buy with confidence. Find out more about us, or contact us today for a quote.

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