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5 Factors You Must Consider for Selecting the Right Exterior Door

hilltop house that has the right exterior door

Choosing a door is not quite the open and shut case you might think.

You need to think about space, security, climate control and material used as well as aesthetics. Let’s find out why:

1. The look

Aesthetics are important. Australians love to bring the outdoors in. We love airy light filled rooms. That’s reflected in architectural design maximising outlook.

Traditionalists may prefer the hinged, French-door style. It’s unquestionably elegant.

However for unimpeded views that bring the outside in or an exaggerated sense of spaciousness, sliding doors, bi-fold doors and increasingly stacker doors are favoured. They’re functional, sleek and unobtrusive.

Architects are increasingly lifting the ceiling in home design – and with it the door heights. That has bearing on the look and feel of rooms too.

2. Space

Hinged doors such as Versalite Windows’ French doors require swing space whether they are hinged to swing in or out.

Sliding doors have been a popular alternative for many years. Usually there are two door panels, one fixed and one that slides, horizontally along a track.

Bi-fold doors are a cross between the hinged and sliding door. They enable a virtual wall of glass to be folded back in on itself, concertina style.

Stacker doors are a very popular slick variation on the bi-fold. Glass door panels stack one behind the other as they slide back. Versalite offers 3-door and 6-door stacker combinations.

3. Climate control

When a lot of glass is used in your home design, new climate control challenges can arise.

Glass is fantastic for letting in the light. But what do you do in winter when your ‘walls’ are glass doors and it’s cold outside? Or indeed on glary scorching hot days to minimise heat inside?

Of course you can regulate air flow and heat by having your door open or closed – or with sliders or stackers, partially opening.

Versalite’s products are much smarter than that. Glazing options for glass doors include standard clear glass, double-glazing, and high performance energy saving glass that’s passed National Construction Code requirements and ticks the boxes for energy efficiency.

4. Security

It’s one thing to want a view. It’s another to want privacy and security. Both can be achieved – and with glass doors.

For added safety – from unwanted flies, mosquitos and human intruders – Versalite recommends installation of its strong, durable and barely-there fine mesh Clearguard screens.

5. Materials

Versalite’s products are all aluminium framed, a material of choice because of durability, low maintenance and cost.

  • Aluminium is structurally stronger, particularly in high wind areas, than timber.
  • Aluminium withstands temperature extremes.
  • Aluminium can be powder coated to any décor and is extremely low maintenance.
  • Aluminium is a cheaper framing alternative to timber.

As you look at Versalite’s product catalogue, bear in mind how these 5 factors play out in your building project.

And once you’ve chosen the right doors for your home, your next big choice will be door mat design!

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