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3 Reasons Versalite Smart Windows Really Are Smart

It’s an open and shut case. While lots of businesses claim to have ‘smart’ products, Versalite Smart Windows and Doors truly stack up to the claim.
We say that with absolute confidence because Versalite Windows and Doors are proven to:

  1. Reduce energy costs
  2. Improve home security
  3. Reduce unwanted noise.

Here’s how.

Versalite Smart Windows Energy Saving, Noise Reducing, Added Security

Reduce energy costs
Did you know that glass loses about 10 times as much heat as the same area of an insulated wall?

That doesn’t mean forsaking wide windows though: they’re needed for light and ventilation. Our range of energy-saving windows and doors keep you warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Simply choose from our high performance Low-E coated glass range or opt for double glazing. All Versalite Smart Windows and Doors are energy rated, bearing a star-rating that is your performance guarantee. And we custom-make to suit individual site requirements.

Improve home security
No one wants to feel like a prisoner in their own home, locked up behind ugly barred windows!

Versalite Windows offers you 2 see-through options:

  1. Intruderguard is a security glass for residential buildings. While it looks like normal window glass, it has 20 times the strength of standard float glass, creating a truly tough barrier against forced entry
  2. 7.52mm laminated glass provides extra resistance to penetration. Its interlayer is 4 times thicker than normal laminated glass.

Reduce unwanted noise
Unwanted noise is a nuisance – it ruins a Sunday lie-in and a Saturday arvo kip and let’s not forget those who work nights and sleep days and need their shut-eye while we have the nail gun going on the construct across the road!

Installing VLam Hush in your windows will reduce unwanted noise far better than a standard double glazed window. So if you want windows and doors that reduce energy costs, improve home security and reduce unwanted noise, you need to talk to Versalite Windows and Doors: contact us online or call (02) 6765 3222

All our windows and doors are manufactured, tested and compliant to AS2047 and glazed to AS1288.

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