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Versalite Smashes 2017/18 Compliance Audits

With the global push for increased energy efficiency each year, it should come as no surprise that this translates to higher standards for compliance in Aussie homes. Each year, Versalite is audited for compliance with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERs).

The AWA is an independent auditing body that checks compliance with NATA standard AS2047, which is the mandatory minimum specification for doors and windows in Australia. This standard ensures compliance in terms of water penetration and air infiltration, and Versalite is proud to say our products are deemed compliant with each audit.

WERs audits ensure systems are compliant with the latest energy requirements. While the goalposts move all the time due to increased energy efficiency targets, our products always meet these benchmarks.

Once again, we have met compliance standards for each of these requirements for 2017-2018.

Certificate of Audit Compliance from 2017-2018 Compliance Period
Certificate of Audit Compliance certified to Versalite Windows

In fact, this year Versalite’s windows received higher energy star ratings than previously – our double glazed windows are now rated 4.5 stars for cooling and 6 stars for heating. Improvements in each of these standards translate directly to more money in your pocket, by saving on heating and cooling costs.

At Versalite, we’re all about reducing energy costs by producing high-quality products that keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, while increasing daylight visibility. With our proactive R&D team, we’re able to capitalise on new scientific finds and engineering improvements to continue creating more effective products.

The other arm of these improved energy ratings is the impact on the environment.The importance of considering the environment is increasing ever more rapidly, and the New South Wales Government is changing their energy requirements in response. By reducing your heating and cooling needs, you can drastically reduce your power usage and therefore your carbon footprint.

Being mindful of this responsibility and the increased requirements we can be sure to see in the future, Versalite takes pride in leading the charge in compliance. NATA and WERs are just the beginning; we are also compliant with glazing, bushfires, and many other standards.

Versalite Windows, manufacturing since 1977: a market leader and design champion through its investment in research and design.

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